NECRONOMIDOL – Vämjelseriter

Necronomidol (2020)

Tokyo’s dark idol unit NECRONOMIDOL returns to the scene with a new killer album titled Vämjelseriter, featuring new members and re-recorded old songs.

Early 2020 introduced some rather shocking news for NECRONOMIDOL fans with the triple graduation of Michelle, Imaizumi Rei and founding member Kakizaki Risaki. Leaving Tsukishiro Himari as the sole member, many wondered what would become of the group, until months later when members Kamino Nana, Rukawa Shiki and Toda Roa were revealed (as well as a logo created by the legendary Christophe Spajdel), followed up by the comeback singles, and subsequent music videos, of “Tupilaq” and “Santa Sangre”, the latter of which was certainly not for the faint of heart. Soon news of a brand new album titled Vämjelseriter with original songs and re-recorded versions of previous tracks was announced and was finally delivered on February 24, 2021.

The album boasts an impressive 15 tracks, with six being brand new and nine being redone from previous albums and EPs like 2016’s From Chaos Born and Nemesis, 2019’s Scions of the Blasted Heath, and 2017’s Dawnslayer. The album opens with “Tupilaq”, released in June of the previous year, immediately opens with a creepy atmosphere before exploding into metal riffs. “Santa Sangre”, the second of the singles, opens with a catchy synth pop beat, then descending into a chaotic flurry as screaming guitars (and a choir!) take over in the bridge and final chorus before coming to an abrupt end as the synth gets cut by white noise.

The girls shine gorgeously in “Celephaïs”, “Salem” and “R’lyeh”, where the emotional impact weighs heavily in the mood of the song; these serve as the softer side of NECRONOMIDOL, employing a sense of melancholy through compositions similar to that of funeral marches and lyrics that speak of final goodbyes and closing chapters.

The new version of “Warabeuta”, which is my favorite on the album, hits harder in the upgraded instrumentation that contains a beautiful mix of heavy metal and synth that accentuates the war-torn world they’re creating. Another treat is the new version of “Sarnath” that features original spoken word sections from Himari alongside an stronger instrumental, especially when it comes to the chorus, which helps in engaging the listener with a sense of terror and doom.

“Necropolis” and “Ritual” (which got a music video prior to the album) especially stand out in that when NECRONOMIDOL goes for heavy metal, they go for absolute gold, with the latter having a black metal sound akin to that of the modern day scene. Darkwave and synth rule the worlds of the tracks “Nyx”, “Ex Oblivione”, “Phantasmagoria Cosmos” and “Cassilda”, rounding out the array of musical styles NECRONOMIDOL can excel in, be it with cheerful, magical girl energy or a horror film-like soundscape.

All in all, this was a solid album to introduce the new unit in, and what looked to be a promising lineup for the future. It’s unfortunate, then, that now the group has re-entered a hiatus period and has seen the graduations of Shiki and Roa so soon. Yet, we’ll be able to look forward to the new unit making their return on the 27th of this month.



On this new episode of the Know Your Idol interviews, we will get to know more about the gothic-themed idol group MANACLE.

There was a time, not so long ago, when we feared that we woulnd’t see a legend like Risaki Kakizaki on stage anymore; luckily, that wasn’t the case, since she soon came back with another great idol like Ray Imaizumi. And they’re not alone! They also brought back Hina Takatsuji and got a new member too, Maon.

Of course I’m talking about MANACLE, the gothic-themed idol unit born last year from these well-known idols and their new friend. They have released just a bunch of singles, and yet they’re already quite popular in the underground idol scene. We got the chance to get to know even more about these four girls and their new group through a very interesting intervirew.

Spoiler: here’s another group that can’t resist the charm of Italy… or maybe of Italian food?


Necronomidol - Tupilaq

Necronomidol has finally been resurrected and brought us a new song titled “Tupilaq”, which marks a new era of the infamous ultradark idol unit.

After announcing their resurrection, our favorite ultradark idols are back with a new MV: “Tupilaq” is the first Necronomidol song with the new line-up, so Im pretty curious to see how the group is doing after being reborn from its own ashes.

Let’s start by giving a context to this title: tupilaq is the name of monsters of Inuit’s culture, created by shamans using animals and even children parts and used to kill their enemy. Kinda creepy stuff, as expected by Necroma. And, unsurprisingly, the girls perform a bloody ritual to give life to a bizarre creature which finally achieves its purpose and kills the designated victim. Also, the (intentional) amateurish quality of the video adds more creepiness, just in case you needed more of it.

The song is made of a groovy and powerful form of rock-metal hybrid backed by thick, distorted synths and enriched by the haunting voices of the four shamans; I especially enjoyed the backing vocals during the hook, which add an eve more eerie feel to the music. With a good balance of catchiness and energy embraced by an ever-present disturbing atmosphere, “Tupilaq” works perfectly as a comeback, capturing the essence of Necroma and proving that the unit is not dead yet… although I wouldn’t be surprised if it was undead.

All in all, Necronomidol are still an interesting and unique group, bringers of the darkest and haunted music in the idol scene; “Tupilaq” marks the beginning of this new era for them, and we’ll be glad to follow their next steps.

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