代代代 (Dai Dai Dai) – ∅

代代代 (Dai Dai Dai)

Listen to “∅”, the new album by 代代代 (Dai Dai Dai) which drags us in a glitchy and multi-colored alternate reality with 8-bit sounds and extreme beats.

Even among the most unique idols in the scene, 代代代 (Dai Dai Dai) definitely stand out: the bizarreness and the kaleidoscopic atmosphere of their music is almost indescribable, but also incredibly fascinating. Their new album brings us forty minutes of this awesome weirdness and we couldn’t be happier.

For the ones who haven’t heard about them until now, I’ll try to give you a short but accurate introduction. Listening to Dai Dai Dai is like putting your brain in a blender together with rainbow-colored candies and drinking the resulting liquid while watching flashing psychedelic animations projected on every wall of your room. I can assure you that it’s 100% the same experience, and you can clearly see I’m not lying by taking a look at the short MV for “すべては薄命の中で” (Subete Ga Hakumai No Nakade).

The songs are based on a strange form of electronic music, drawing a lot from chiptune but also using elements of harder genres such as hardcore and breakcore; rock-metal distorted guitars appear here and there to make some parts heavier, while other times the sound gets more eerie and atmospheric. The multi-colored music of seems to take everything to the extreme, filling our mind with 8-bit sounds and introducing some sort of dirty blast beats and speedcore bursts which at some point get dangerously near the implacable chaos of extratone.

Despite all these extreme elements, the gleaming synths and the glitchy-distorted vocals give more dreamlike and psychedelic sensations, which work perfectly especially in the haunting “細胞” (Saibou) and in the thirteen-minutes long (!) ritualistic sound of “ボロノイズ” (Boronoise). When this musical kaleidoscope gets mixed with the heavier elements, you will find yourself hit by a magical avalanche dragging you through hardcore beats, electro-pop catchiness and complex patterns.

I think I’ve listened to for five times in a row before starting to write this review and I’m not tired yet of melting my brain inside the hyperactive, glitchy but still wonderful world created by Dai Dai Dai. It’s like having a mindtrip while sliding on a rainbow, and if you think about how you wanted to go over and over on the slide when you were a child, you can understand why you can listen to many times without getting tired of it.

While I’m approaching the seventh listen — the sixth flowed while writing the review, of course — I can only recommend you to give a try; Dai Dai Dai are not an easy group, but as soon as you get in touch with their music you will surely fall in love with them.

代代代 (DaiDaiDai) – Subete Wa Hakumei No Naka De

代代代 (Dai Dai Dai) Logo
代代代 (DaiDaiDai) comes back with a new lyric video as colourful as chaotic, squeezing all the digital idol madness in the universe in less than 90 seconds.
When a group says their music is called SOLID CHAOS POP, you know that something great is coming. 代代代 (DaiDaiDai) are no newcomers in the alternative idol scene, but their chaotic weirdness is way too much underrated.

This feels like getting lost inside a kaleidoscope, both visually and musically. Hard-hitting rhythms, very digital-sounding synths and even a headbanging-inducing part, all packed with five girls doing their best to contribute to this bizarre mayhem. Also, my eyes are melting after having watched for the 10th time those rainbow-coloured flashing lights, but I’m not complaining at all.

代代代 may not be the catchiest unit out there, but they’re absolutely fascinating; you may go crazy after listening too much of their stuff, yet it’s not a good reason to avoid them — it should actually draw you towards them. Good job, Demon Tapes.