sora tob sakana – 信号 (Shingō)

sora tob sakana
Before disbanding in September, sora tob sakana will release one last album; “信号” (Shingō) is an appetizer for “deep blue”, which will come out next month.
Idol groups come and go, we already know that; still, it’s sad to see a group like sora tob sakana announce their disbandment after six years of activity in which they released two albums (with the third, deep blue, coming out in August) and two EPs and made some openings/endings for a couple of anime’s. Quite a lot of stuff for a non-conventional idol unit.

sora tob sakana became well-known in the scene thanks to their refined, often quiet yet complex sound involving progressive and math-rock elements, despite sounding very pop-ish. Before saying goodbye, the group broughts us a new MV for “信号” (Shingō), which will be featured in their upcoming album and sounds like a good way to remind us why we are going to miss them.

The song leans more on the quiet side of their music, featuring slow but intricate beats, atmospheric synths and vocal lines as catchy as unpredictable, in the usual osakana way. The bassline crawling in the background in the second half makes the song soothing, while the atmosphere feels a bit dark and hazy, making it a good relaxing listening, especially at night; the sampled vocals are also a nice addition.

deep blue, their last album, will be released next month, a few weeks before their disbandment in September. sora tob sakana will go out soon, but will do it with a bang: this is what “Shingō” just told us.


Migma Shelter
“Rabiddo” is the new astonishing song by Migma Shelter, a more experimental take on their usual psy-trance sound with an equally otherworldly MV.
Remember when Migma Shelter came up as the first psy-trance-oriented idol unit? At that time you would think wow, that’s really unique in the idol scene! Now go give a listen to the current Migma Shelter and you’ll find yourself thinking wow, that’s really unique in the whole music scene!

The MV for “Rabiddo” came out yesterday and I lost count of how many times I watched it. The word awesome doesn’t even begin to describe the greatness of this group. If you don’t believe me, give it a try and tell me I’m wrong. I dare you.

First of all: the dark fantasy, fable-like setting of the video. Psychedelic music aims to bring your mind to some other world and that’s what we’re experiencing through this video. Among colorful visuals and the killing of a rabbit in a forest, you’ll soon be asking yourself what kind of drug they are injecting in your brain through their music.

Surprisingly (or maybe not), the song is even more bizarre. Making use any kind of emotion you can think of, “Rabiddo” features strings playing cheerful but also melancholic melodies, while the beat are a real rollercoaster going from really intense to very quiet and calming, not to mention the usual trance rhythms which are basically a trademark of Migma Shelter‘s music. The haunting voices of the six girls not only complete, but also improve the otherworldly feelings emanating from this song, sometimes singing as if they were shamans.

This weird evolution of Migma Shelter‘s sound is getting more and more interesting; just like “Y” blew my mind when it came out, “Rabiddo” is an equally stunning song. Their new album ALICE will be released at the end of July and I seriously can’t wait.

CHIKA RADAR #20: LUVネオガールズウェイブ (LUV Neo Girls Wave)

CHIKA RADAR #20: LUVネオガールズウェイブ (LUV Neo Girls Wave)

LUVネオガールズウェイブ (LUV Neo Girls Wave) is a new idol group from Tokyo with a sweet and high-spirited EDM-pop sound; let’s get to know them.

Some time ago I said that we need more EDM-inspired group; the idol god must have listened to my prayers and LUVネオガールズウェイブ (LUV Neo Girls Wave) was born. Let’s spend some words on them.

LUVネオガールズウェイブ is a Tokyo idol unit made of five members: 朱殷ぱぴこ (Shuhan Papico), the red member who enjoys hypnotizing people; ガンソ・ミス・ホンテン (Ganso Misu Honten), the pink girl that can break a soft-boiled egg at the perfect time; 真白あいす (Mashiro Aisu), which seems to be an otaku member dressed in white; 如月サラ (Kisaragi Sara), an IT engineer sporting the purple color; finally, 碧琉 (Aoru), the blue member whose most special trait is that she shares her birthday with me. Here’s their introduction video.

The group’s sound seems to be a sugar-filled EDM-pop in the vein of Seireki13ya. While this group obviously feels a bit more amateurish, the fact that they can give the same vibes of the Codomomental unit is already a good sign. LUV Neo Girls Wave recently released the full version of their song “バンザイパラダイム” (Banzai Paradigm), which you can find below.

Like many groups, LUV Neo Girls Wave are currently streaming on their YouTube channel, where they also hold online signing sessions. Hopefully, they’ll be able to hold their official live debut soon, so let’s wish them all the best for now.

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