On the Treat Super Season – OSS: First Flash Paranoia

On the Treat Super Season

On the Treat Super Season’s debut EP OSS: First Flash Paranoia is full of boundless energy, style and… sushi!

We’ve covered quite a few debuts this year, from DAREMO SHIRANAI. to Metamolfourze, and this next group should certainly be on the check out radar. On the Treat Super Season are a six member group — who just recently had their debut live as of August 4th — specializing in a digital hardcore sound. Their debut single, Shake It Now!!!!!!, came out on July 23rd, serving as a precursor to their debut EP scheduled for release on the 30th: OSS: First Flash Paranoia. Containing six songs and clocking in at 20 minutes in length, this blitzkrieg of a release is sure to keep your attention and put a little pep in your step.

Track one, the aforementioned “Shake It Now!!!!!!” immediately kicks off at a breakneck pace with a beat akin to Undertale’s “Megalovania” (so much so that I thought it was sampled at first). The girls come into the verses with rapper-like deliveries, with lyrics I assume serve as an introduction to the group as a whole. At the 2:14 mark, there’s a very brief moment of calm with the introduction of a flute that returns towards the end of the song and actually ends up mixing super well with the high impact, boss battle music. “Super Show”, the follow up, retains the digital hardcore energy, the vocals jumping between ensamble arrangements and solo sections. The guitars have a sweet, chugging consistency, something that rears right into the forefront when a metalcore-esque breakdown hits at 1:40.

“Heartbeat” opens with an air of calm before melting into a hard rock sound with the electronica accents taking a back seat but not completely excluded. While the second and third verses are heavier in sound than the choruses — and all done in a rap style — they don’t contrast too much from the original feel of the song. There’s also the inclusion of what appears to be a horn instrument (though at times, for me, it also sounded like a violin?) at the end of the first and last choruses. “Brand New Days” brings the digital accents back into the forefront. There’s a lot of ensemble vocal work in this one, which is always fun and brings about a great whirlwind of high energy. Amongst the chaos there’s a slowed section at 2:05 with members taking turns between their lines as it builds back up with electricity — and the small section of a member talking to Siri was a cute feature.

“Sushilove” is the stand out song on the EP for me, a catchy metal banger about… well, sushi! There’s tons of fun switch ups in the vocal delivery of this song, from chants to spoken sections and more; the chorus itself brings in some pop elements while retaining the ferocity of the guitars and drums backing the girls’ vocals. Towards the end there’s the return of the metalcore breakdown with the slowed, chugging beat, wrapping it all up real nicely. I also thought the heart emojis in the lyrics were a super cute touch.

“Run” is the final song on the album but it certainly goes out with a bang as there’s no breaks at all on the OSS hardcore train. The song feels like a callback to the first track in it’s mix of hard rock and hip hop in the verses, while the chorus itself has more of a pop feel to it. The energy of the song really does feel like you’re running with the breakneck pace it takes off at. Once more, everyone comes together throughout the verses and chorus, really solidifying the cohesive and harmonious nature of the members.

For a first effort, it seems like OSS know their musical identity and have a strong desire to stick to it, which is great when you’re starting out. Considering that they’re also such a young group, the future looks promising — it’ll be interesting to see what they go for next!

Migma Shelter – Coro Da Noite

Migma Shelter

With their latest EP Coro da Noite, Migma Shelter bring us some Latin-inspired beats and a hard rock b-side.

Migma Shelter are a highly interesting group, dedicating themselves fully to a psychedelic trance sound — going so far as to turn their live shows into actual raves — that shines a cool beacon of light on them amongst their peers. Last year, despite the struggles of COVID and the reboot of a new lineup, we were given the full length effort Alice, and now the six member group has brought us the EP Coro da Noite, which contains two new songs and their respective instrumentals.

The title track “Coro da Noite” opens with a more relaxed trance beat before giving way to some gorgeous acoustic guitar, a foreshadowing of the elements to come later in the song. The bass is nice and heavy, the vocals amplified by the very minimal instrumentation in the verses. Doing this makes their voices feel a little more spacious and hypnotic alongside the thumping beats. Hints of flute here and there also add to the building atmosphere before the chorus takes over with some snazzy drum beats and the guitar from before. The song keeps its tempo pretty consistently throughout the song, which I feel contrasts pretty well with the second track “Bang On”. From the jump we’re greeted with electric guitar and a slowly building beat alongside breathy and pretty vocals, gearing us up for a wild ride of a song. Indeed, it has quite the amount of sonic ups and downs, from the hard rock influences to the minimalist style of the pre-chorus and the repeated slow builds — one in particular starts up at the 2:20 mark and had me getting ready for what I was expecting to be a real brutal bass drop, but instead mellowed itself out. However, in the last few minutes of the song, the trance vibes fully take over and keep up some great energy to allow for a pretty satisfying finish.

Though it’s a really quick listen, Coro da Noite is a bright ball of energy in a small package. Here’s to hoping for more rave-worthy tracks from Migma Shelter in the future!

メタモル!!! (METAMOL FOURZE) – -Tensei-


The four-membered group メタモル!!! (METAMOL FOURZE) released their high impact debut digital album -Tensei-: let’s give it a try!

It’s not very often that you encounter an album that’s so chock-full of high spirits and boundless energy that it leaves you winded. So for those of you excited to experience that, let me introduce you to METAMOL!!!, also known as METAMOL FOURZE: a four member group that’s not tied to a concept (fitting, as their name seems to be a play on the word metamorphosis). Composed of Hanasaki Funa, Shabana Minami, Aise Hina and Aigasa Moe — who also produces their music — they dropped their first debut album on July 10th, titled -Tensei-, through the label LEXINGTON, and it’s seven tracks of no-holds-barred intensity.

The album opener, “Overture”, is an instrumental track that combines video game aesthetics with dance pop, and serves as a great warm up of what’s to come. The following track, “Spotlight Syndrome”, opens to a brief calming atmosphere before giving way to pure hard rock — quite the jump from the previous song, but well fitting to their design. As the girls come in, you’ll find that each member has a distinctive color to their vocal that sounds great when combined together in the chorus. The ambient effects throughout (especially in the instrumental break at the 2:30 point) give the song an almost metalcore edge, and the drums are absolutely fantastic towards the end with their near-blastbeat quality.

“Shuffle Life”, track three, is a jump genre-wise from the former with its electro-pop flavor. With its chanted opening and adlibs just begging for crowd participation, it’s sure to be a hit at the live shows. The next one, “Kojirasechatte, Gomenne” (Sorry I’m So Insecure) is a dance pop song with a spicy, jazzy flavor that’s aided by the saxophone in the chorus. The bouncy beats and hype-building pre-chorus will have you getting ready to dance in no time, and I personally find the chorus to be extremely catchy.

“Master” is the next song and this one carries a more gothic vibe in the use of symphonic elements. A synth pop track overall, and a romantic one at that, the dark vibes can surely be felt in the sliding pianos of the verses and hint of guitar throughout. At the 3:00 mark there’s a funky and fun interlude, and while all the METAMOL FOURZE girls shine through, Funa’s rich and deep tone does especially well here. Track six is cheekily titled “Doutan Kyohi” (Having the Same Oshi is Forbidden) that goes straight out the gate for some bombastic, punky pop. Though it shares a few similarities with the third track, the horns make for a distinctive and fun touch alongside the rotating vocal lines and soft, sparkly pre-choruses.

The final song is “MurabitoM” (Villager M) and one might notice it’s striking similarity with the album’s opening instrumental in their high energy, video game-influenced sound, but this time with rock elements and sick vocal effects. There’s quite a lot going on with this song, from the key changes to the blitzing soundscape. At times it feels like a Dragonforce song with just how fast everything goes — and that’s not a bad thing at all. If power rock is a genre, I feel like this would be a very fitting inclusion.

-Tensei- is quite the whirlwind of an album from start to finish and a great beginning to this promising idol unit. With their metamorphosis ideology, it makes us wonder what’ll be the next route the girls take? Until then, follow the members on their various social platforms and be sure to check out METAMOL FOURZE‘s Youtube channel that contains live performances, lyric videos and practices of all the songs featured here.

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