INUWASI – Thanatos


Listen to INUWASI’s second ep titled Thanatos, which blends idol music with rock guitars, post-hardcore energy, electronic synths and hip-hop beats.

The release of the second EP of INUWASI finally gives me a chance to spend some words for this great group; so let’s see what the brought us with Thanatos.

Taking its title from the Greek personification of death, the album presents itself with a cover art which reminded me of Katatonia’s Brave Murder Day, except in place of the dead bird we have a bizarre creature depicting the concept of the group: a colorful hybrid made of a dog which can’t chew and an eagle incapable of flying.

The five tracks of Thanatos draw inspiration mainly from powerful genres such as rock, post-hardcore and alternative metal, although other elements such as electronic synths and hip-hop-like beats make their way through the music to improve it and make it more varied and appealing. The usual catchy idol vocal lines make the songs very enjoyable and memorable, and at times leave room for some harsh vocals which further enhance the energy of the whole sound.

“Burnt Sienna”, a pigment that got famous during the Renaissance in Italy, is also the title of the opener: fast paced, full of energy, soaked in electronic sounds and even featuring vaguely middle-eastern vocal lines, it’s perfect song to start the album. Next up is “in flames”, a less experimental but still powerful and enjoyable track with some intense guitar riffs, cool synth melodies and a very nice hook.

Halfway through the album we meet “Hades”, another name coming from Greek mythology, representing the god of the underworld; the song leans even more towards the electronic side of INUWASI, with beats ans synths piercing through the electric guitars, without actually replacing them. On the other hand, “budh” — my favorite one — seems to get into some sort of industrial rock sound and features a very emotional refrain.

The final track is “holy”, which also got a music video recently. Post-hardcore electric guitars and hip-hop beats fight with each other just to get both replaced by mysterious piano notes, ending the album in a great way.

This EP shows that INUWASI are already a very interesting unit, although there is obviously room for improvement in both the production and the vocals; regardless, the group is absolutely praiseworthy for having an original concept and also an unusual music style which brings together many different worlds. You can listen to Thanatos below or on your favorite streaming service.

Los An Jewels – Rainbows

Los An Jewels
Los An Jewels’ latest single “Rainbows” embraces summer with a hyper pop rap style which also includes some rock and reggae elements.
Usually, when I post a video on the site social accounts, it’s because I don’t plan to write an article about it. This time I’ll make an exception, since Los An Jewels‘ latest single has so much going on that I want to spend some words on it.

While their usual trap/hip-hop sound is still present especially in the beats, there are very summer-ish vibes coming from a couple of different styles: on one hand we have those electric guitars supporting the hook which remind me of late Nineties western pop/rock; but even more, there are some ska-reggae influences in verse adding a beach-like touch. It’s almost a different group from the one we know, if not for the almost too powerful kick drum, the autotuned vocals and the fairly simple melodies, which are all the reasons that make me enjoy Los An Jewels.

As you can see from the MV, the group is now a duo after Nullmayu House left; hopefully, the two remaining members Lie La Lie and Satis Faction will keep it going and maybe will find a new companion.

I admit that when I first heard about them I has some doubts since I’m not really a fan of trap music, but Los An Jewels are managing to make the style interesting adding various elements to it. And that’s why I need to remember that they are not merely a trap unit, but a hyper pop rap one, which is clearly what this song is made of.

韻ふめ!どーぷちゃん (Dopechan) – Doping! (Type A)

“Doping!”, the debut ep of 韻ふめ!どーぷちゃん (Dopechan), it’s just what you would expect from them: a very nice idol hip-hop release perfect for your night drives.
Finally, the debut ep of the hip-hop idol unit 韻ふめ!どーぷちゃん (Dopechan) is out; after getting to know them through their nerdy rap videos, I was looking forward to listen to this release. So let’s check is out.

The trio already proved to be at ease with different moods through their two MVs, the introspective and quite gloomy “メランコリー・ヒューマノイド” (Melancholy Humanoid) and the more EDM-ish and cheerful “Remains”; but actually both of them featured various shades of these emotions and in Doping! they include even more feelings in their music. Just give a listen to the bright lightheartedness of “シリシヨクエゴイズム” (Shirishiyoku Egoism), which incorporates rock-ish guitars, joyful rhythms and dreamy choirs; on the other hand, “ロンリーライダー” (Lonely Rider) brings back a bit of darkness through glitched piano melodies and ethereal synths.

This mini-album sounds like the perfect soundtrack for driving through the night, relaxing with the gentle lights of the street lamps and Dopechan‘s music to keep you company; the different emotions they bring through their songs will make you loop endlessy through these twenty minutes of music until you crave for more. And we need more from this unit.

Dopechan even manage to surprise you with “どーぷちゃんアンセム” (Dopechan Anthem), a short instrumental which unexpectedly delves into an almost industrial rock explosion; and, just like that, they go back to a nocturnal and almost jazzy sound with the bonus track. And then you remember why you love this group so much: the wide array of emotions you felt in their music ever since their first MV of “Remains” which always manage to amaze you.

If there is anything unsurprising in this release, it’s the quality of its content: I personally expected it to be this much enjoyable and it didn’t disappoint me at all. A very nice debut mini-album indeed.

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