TOP 10 IDOL MV – August 2021

TOP 10 IDOL MV - August 2021

Goodbye August and welcome September! Autumn is coming very soon, but we still need to take another look at last month to find out the best MV’s our favorite idols released. Let’s go!


City pop will always be welcome here on IdolOnChaos; YORUWA KOREKARA‘s latest MV for “Take Off” brings back the Eighties vibes with nice synth melodies, funky bass lines and neon lights. If you miss Especia, you are definitely going to enjoy this one.

9) 戦国アニマル極楽浄土 (Senkyoku) – 奏色恋音 (Utairo Koioto)

Traditional Japanese music blends with an everchanging form of pop in “Utairo Koioto” by Senkyoku: the song keeps shifting gears and — despite the very catchy chorus — is kinda hard to follow at some point; which is exactly why I love it, as it makes me want to listen to it a thousand times until I get it.

8) SZWARC – Revolution!

SZWARC‘s hip-hop sound seems to like some influences from the past as well; the dancey beat and the synths, together with the rapped vocals, make “Revolution!” a very enjoyable song; bonus points for the very Eighties-like video as well, totally fits the music.

7) lonely planet – SECRET GIRL

I have to admit that the powerful and emotional rock sound of lonely planet‘s latest MV surprised me: while I’ve been following them since the beginning, “SECRET GIRL” is one of their best tunes yet, featuring touching piano notes supported by an intense drumming a nice chorus.

6) ラストクエスチョン (Last Question) – おっちょこちょい (Occhokochoi)

Last Question turned into a trio of pink horned girls for the MV of “Occhokochoi”, and it’s not even the kawaiiest thing here. Just listen to its catchy chorus: I haven’t been able to get it out of my head for a while now. But maybe it’s because I’m not even trying.


In a perfect world, NEO JAPONISM‘s “GAN GAN HERO!!!!!” would be the opening theme for My Hero Academia. This is exactly what you would expect from a metal/rock idol unit singing about heroes. I want these girls to save the world from the bad guys.


Finally, the Idol Underworld-produced solo idol KOSAME. Expect death growls and screams, blast beats, breakdowns and literally every heavy thing in music you can think of. Don’t forget about her clean vocals though, which are even better than everything else.

3) I to U $CREAMing!! – float

With “float”, the duo I to U $CREAMing!! dives into the post-rock genre, and it’s absolutely great. Starting off quiet and ethereal, the song suddenly brings in a huge, shoegazey wall of guitars carrying the heaviest emotions. Well, it’s post-rock, what did you expect?

2) HINAGIKU – 雛菊 (Hinagiku)

Traditional Japanese music comes back thanks to HINAGIKU, this time with a more typical electro-pop sound with some hip-hop here and there. The debut MV for their self-titled song lets us see what they are made of, and I don’t dislike it at all. If you enjoy idol groups with male members, you will surely love this.

1) 令名の和歌 (Reimei No Waka) – 神楽姫 (Kagurahime)

Being the kind of guy who love experimental and weird music, I didn’t really expect to choose Reimei No Waka‘s MV as the best one of last month. However, “Kagurahime” is a very enjoyable idol/rock song with memorable vocal lines and a sound full of energy and emotions. Another song I can’t get out of my head.

Honorable Mentions

I To U $creaming!! – Gloire

I To U $creaming

Listen to Gloire, the first mini-album of self-produced idol duo I To U $creaming!!, mixing rock, pop and EDM in a very nice release.

After two and half years of activity and a few singles, self-produced duo I To U $creaming!! finally released their first mini-album titled Gloire. I feel like this unit is quite underrated, so let’s see what they have to offer.

Gloire includes five tracks (plus a short intro) ranging from emotional rock to sweet pop, with the addition of some intense EDM and dubstep; the songs mix these elements in various ways and together make a very enjoyable 20-minute long listening. From the equally powerful and soulful electric guitars-led sound of “If” to the romantic piano melodies of “Sentimental-LostLove”, from the unusual and vaguely progressive rhythms of “die-show” to the straightforward 4/4 beat sustaining “Ajisai-Drop” and ending with the very emotional “SOAK”, the mini-album never fails to entertain.

The strong and multi-faceted identities infused in the songs represent the many shapes of the duo’s artistic personality, and — despite their different nature — they are somehow tied together by a common thread; and that’s how you’ll notice a dubstep wobbling bass in the most-rock oriented track, a powerful electric guitar in the sweetest one, and so on. Whether they choose one style or the other, they never forget any of the elements which make up their music.

Where the groups shines the most, however, is the creation and use of the melodies, especially through the vocals: they literally breath a wide array of emotions in the songs, which in turn convey them greatly to us; these awesome vocal lines, together with a good production and composition, will make you feel a deep connection with the music and you will be encouraged to listen to the album more and more.

Overall, Gloire will be surely enjoyed by fans of intense and emotional idol music. I To U $creaming!! may be quite underground, but this release proves that giving them a chance won’t be a waste of time at all. You can listen to Gloire below or on your favorite streaming service.