I’m Funny Fable – フリージア / Hermes -終わることないメロディを- (Freesia / Hermes -A Melody That Never Ends-)

I'm Funny Fable
We get to know the two different sides of I’m Funny Fable through their latest single “Freesia / Hermes -A Melody That Never Ends-“.
At the end of May, I’m Funny Fable released their second single titled フリージア / Hermes -終わることないメロディを- (Freesia / Hermes -A Melody That Never Ends-); through the couple of songs contained in it, the MAPLE INC. produced trio shows us two different sides of the group.

“Freesia” is a rock-oriented track featuring a simple yet effective guitar riff accompanied by some joyful synths and a light-hearted hook; the positive vibes and the powerful energy of the song are emphasized by the upbeat rhythm supporting the enthusiasm of the high-spirited melodies. Freesia is the name of a colorful flowering plant associated with purity and innocence, which fits the sound of this track and follows the flower-themed cover art.

On the other hand, “Hermes” seems to combine a fantasy atmosphere provided by the harp with a Seventies-inspired pop music leaning towards disco and funk; these two elements somehow blend together perfectly, as if they were made for each other. The result of this bizarre mix is a very quiet and almost surreal song, lulling us to a dream world with it slow rhythm and a catchy main melody.

In both songs, I’m Funny Fable did a pretty good job, managing to sound interesting and with a bit of their identity coming out. I personally prefer the ethereal vibes of “Hermes”, but “Freesia” is a nice one as well.