Little Emperor Syndrome – Baki Bakiにチャレエ (Baki Baki Ni Charee)

Little Emperor Syndrome

Little Emperor Syndrome’s first MV for “Baki Bakiにチャレエ” (Baki Baki Ni Charee) is yet another proof of the good potential of this newly formed idol unit.

I know that we’ve talked about them just a couple of weeks ago, but Little Emperor Syndrome just dropped their first MV… how could I ignore it? Let’s take a look at this video.

If you’ve read the Chika Radar article about them, if should already know that this unit is both standard and unpredictable. “Baki Bakiにチャレエ” (Baki Baki Ni Charee) is no different and includes both aspects of these idols: it sounds like a typical and quite enjoyable idol rock song… except for that break in the middle. Which — in less than one minute — goes from pop-EDM to gabber distorted kicks to hip-hop beats. Ok, nice.

The MV simply shows the three girls dancing mostly in a square at night, and that’s fine, since it’s the first time we get to see them in action. It works fine as an introduction for this group and it also looks decently produced.

I guess we’ll be keeping an eye on Little Emperor Syndrome, since we have been following them from the beginning. If they manage to shake off that slightly excessively amateurish feel about them — which is understandable, for such a young unit — they may turn into a very interesting idol group.

CHIKA RADAR #11: Little Emperor Syndrome

Chika Radar #11: Little Emperor Syndrome
Meet a new idol group named Little Emperor Syndrome, a unit filled with pop-rock, penguins and a little bit of weirdness; exactly what we always enjoy.
Penguins are cute. They walk so awkwardly, and they look so plushy… Really cute birds. Except Adélie penguins. Don’t google them. Anyway, why are we discussing about penguins when we should talk of Little Emperor Syndrome? I don’t know, but their social accounts are full of penguins; of course, they’re probably referring to Emperor penguins. But let’s forget about birds and move on to these young idols.

Little Emperor Syndrome have formed just recently, as their Twitter account was created last November and just a few days ago they started uploading songs on Youtube. Their music seems to be based on a pop-rock sound featuring powerful guitars, emotional synths and — of course — catchy vocals. While their music sounds a bit amateurish, the three singers are not that bad and all in all the songs are fairly nice.

Let’s check the first two songs, “Thank You The Hell” is the one leaning more on the emotional side, thanks to its slower rhythms and the strings and piano melodies enriching it. On the other hand, with “Dance In Aworld” things get a little bit weirder: vocoded vocals, some strange stuff happening after the first chorus followed by very fast drums, even a poetic moment before the end… what’s going on here? This song also works as an introduction… and what an introduction!

The debut show of Little Emperor Syndrome has been held on the 13th of January: sure, they’re a young unit, but this looks like a nice start. The other tracks have even more surprises, as they delve first into hip-hop with “KAGOME RAP” and then in heavy metal with “Monster Cake”.