FRUN FRIN FRIENDS – キセラセラ (Que Sera Sera) / yum yum remix [live]


FRUN FRIN FRIENDS, idol duo formed by Nayuta Aku and Usakura Beni, released a live video recorded in May; a new online show will be held in a few days.

Being made by two superstars of the underground idol scene, it shouldn’t surprise how strong the hype around FRUN FRIN FRIENDS is. The duo formed by ex-Avandoned members Nayuta Aku (formerly in Kaqriyo Terror Architect as Nonamera and also in other non-idol projects) and Usakura Beni (also in APOKALIPPPS) held a live show on the 17th of May and a few days ago a video of that performance was released on their channel.

The live video shows the two songs included in their first release, namely “キセラセラ” (Que Sera Sera) and “yum yum”: the first one is a pure and soothing song, featuring cheerful, carefree sounds and melodies; the latter, on the other hand, has a more hip-hop-ish vibe and some 8-bit synths, making it slightly more bizarre, although still very catchy and pop-oriented. The colorful outfits and the eye-catching attitude on stage complete the show and make it look like a very fun experience, where the two girls as well are having a lot of fun.

NO LIVE, NO LIFE — the live show recorded in this video — will come back on the 15th of July and, together with FRUN FRIN FRIENDS, there will be other idol groups such as Jyu Jyu and Cinder Ella; if you want to watch the streaming, click here.

BYOB – Lone [live @ Koenji High]


“Lone” is the latest live MV from BYOB and the last one with Narumi before her graduation; let’s wish her all the best and hope BYOB will keep being great.

BYOB have been around for some years now, formerly as シンセカイセン (Shinsekaisen) and now with this new name which stands for Bring Your Own Bottle. Since their transition to Perfect Music and consequent name change in 2019, they have been releasing some live videos, including the latest one for “Lone”.

The song draws from the EDM-y sound BYOB have been known for, but making use of a slower rhythm that gives it a chilling and almost seducing charm. The emotional singing of the four girls on top of this bewitching music make “Lone” a very pleasant song and it seems to be working perfectly in live shows.

Before this one, BYOB released a couple of other live videos for “After Dark” and “Square”; “Lone” was recorded on the 16th of February and is available digitally basically everywhere.

After this live show, Narumi graduated from BYOB. We don’t know if the unit will keep going as a trio or if they will get some new member(s), but surely they’ll resume activities soon. Let’s wish all the best to them and to Narumi too.

CHIKA RADAR #7: アンスリューム (Anthurium)

Chika Radar #7: Anthurium
In a few months, アンスリューム (Anthurium) are going to celebrate their first anniversary; they have released two live MVs to show us what kind of idols they are.
Every now and then you come across some stuff that does seem interesting, but not that much. Then, after a couple days you get back at it and say «wait, this is actually cool». And then you can’t stop listening to it. Yeah, this is what happened to me with アンスリューム (Anthurium), colorful idols named after this flower.

In my defense, I have a good explanation for my unforgivable mistake. It was raining that day, I just got back from work and I was tired and… Yeah, nice excuses. Truth is that I had listened only to “アンスデーム” (Ansudēmu), which didn’t really pique my interest. Maybe I was seriously too tired, because it actually sounds pretty nice: awesome bass lines, upbeat rhythms, 8-bit stuff, catchy and cheerful vocals… This is even more than just nice!

But to be honest, the moment I changed my mind about them was when I watched their live MV for “だだだっ” (Da-Da-Da), released some days before the other one. This is what made me really fall for them: a more rock-oriented tune full of energy with a chorus that got stuck in my head. I can’t stop singing it in my mind. Seriously, send help.

Anthurium are going to hold their first anniversary live next year in March, so they’re quite young as a unit; despite that, I already want to listen to some more songs from them. Yes, I need more Anthurium in my life, so I’m going to plant some in my garden until they release a new song.

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