Lil na Valley – live @ GOTANDA G5 [2021-03-07]

Lil Na Valley

Let’s get to know more about Lil na Valley through a live video made by iColony; this melodic hardcore idol unit seems to be pretty enjoyable!

Groups that don’t have really many releases and MV’s are often hard to follow for non-Japanese people. That’s why we have to bow before channels that bring us lots of high quality live videos such as iColony, which you probably already know (and if you don’t, follow them right now).

Lurking around the many videos they published recently, I noticed a video from one idol group that I only heard by name and didn’t have the chance to check out yet: Lil na Valley. Turns out that this unit — which is under JIL PLANET, together with Ars’alum, SPACE PIRATES class ZERO and Pu Lathessa — released their first single Heavy Mental one year ago and nothing else; they are still active though, despite having lost a member recently, and this live video recorded last March proves that they are also pretty good.

The music of the group combines an intense melodic hardcore sound full of energy with ultra-catchy vocal lines, a very nice blend that seems to work perfectly on stage — as you would expect from a punk-based idol unit. The intro of the show caught me a bit off guard with that slightly EDM-oriented sound, but then “Heavy Mental” immediately set the mood of the whole concert. It’s impressive how the songs are memorable right after the first listening, thanks to the enjoyable hooks acting as the more melodic counterparts to the harder and more intense verses.

The five girls also do a great job not only singing with all their heart, but also putting a lot of energy into their performance; it may be a given considering we’re talking about idol music, but the members of this group are what really makes this show so entertaining, together with the top-notch instrumentals.

Overall, Lil na Valley seems to be a pretty nice unit, which will be appreciated by fans of punk idols. Since the live showed that they have a good amount of songs now, I hope they are going to release them in some way, so that we can get to listen to them more.



I miss live shows may be the mantra of every music fan during this pandemic; but on the other hand, technology gives us a hand by letting us see concerts online. Yeah, it’s not really the same, but let’s be content with what we have.

Similarly to what I’m doing with the monthly Top 10 MV’s, here we have some recent live videos from various idol groups. Many units included here are very underground and all videos feature just one song, so hopefully you’ll be able to discover some new idols in a short time. Enjoy!

閏 -うるう- (Urū) – AESTHETICS

The first time we met Urū was thanks to Chika Radar #8; since then, there have been some changes to the unit, but what hasn’t changed is that if you enjoy the emotional rock style, you’ll surely like this group as well. Here you can get a taste of their energy with “AESTHETICS”.


Another group we met through our Chika Radar (episode #18), Re:INCARNATION bring a healthy dose of pure fun with their catchy and happiness-filled pop/rock sound. “JUST A HERO!!” is a very nice and light song indeed.

emmersive – Reload

emmersive is a very young group, and while they’re not really groundbreaking, their music is really enjoyable. “Reload” delivers a very idol-ish and light pop/rock sound which can surely be enjoyed by many people.

Dan te Lion – 天 (Ten)

Pop/rock seems really popular in this video collection, so let’s add some more thanks to Dan te Lion. Although I don’t see too many people talking about them in the international idol fans community, “Ten” proves that they are not really bad, mixing quite heavy guitars with a very pop sound featuring a rapped part as well.

lyrical school – last summer

Speaking of rap, lyrical school popped up in this collection: veterans of the alternative idol scene, they have been bringing us their hip-hop sound for a decade. The slow-paced “last summer” is taken from their 2020 EP OK!!!!! and this live video proves that they are still an awesome unit.


A very recent video from POPPiNG EMO for a song that also got a MV. “SELFISH” brings their rock sound with a nice guitar riff and an even better hook, reminding me that I need to listen to them more often.


AKIARIM recently added two new members and here you can watch them in action; from what it seems, they are doing great with this line-up. “One” is also a very enjoyable song from them, filled with rock energy and featuring a great hook.

プシュケとラーガ (Psyche and Raga) – Winning Ark

Chika Radar #24 guests Psyche and Raga are a quite uncommmon group, with their psychedelic rock sound; but here they also give us a members perspective live video, which lets us look at them from the stage. The sound quality is not the best, but you can feel that “Winning Ark” is not half bad.

AIBECK – Stay Gold

Don’t be fooled by the quiet acoustic intro of “Stay Gold”: AIBECK can also be pretty intense, and you can feel it in this song as well. This also makes me think that their live shows, just like their music, are full of various emotions. I recommend you to take a look at the video interview to know more about them.

XOXO EXTREME feat. Silent Of Nose Mischief – 羊たちの進撃 〜The assault of the Lambs〜

Finally, let’s close this collection with one of the most unique groups out there. With the collaboration of genre-bending progressive band Silent Of Nose Mischief, XOXO EXTREME deliver a theatrical and poetic performance of “The assault of the Lambs”, where great instrumentals, emotional idol vocals and dramatic choreography blend together. Seriously astonishing.

FRUN FRIN FRIENDS – キセラセラ (Que Sera Sera) / yum yum remix [live]


FRUN FRIN FRIENDS, idol duo formed by Nayuta Aku and Usakura Beni, released a live video recorded in May; a new online show will be held in a few days.

Being made by two superstars of the underground idol scene, it shouldn’t surprise how strong the hype around FRUN FRIN FRIENDS is. The duo formed by ex-Avandoned members Nayuta Aku (formerly in Kaqriyo Terror Architect as Nonamera and also in other non-idol projects) and Usakura Beni (also in APOKALIPPPS) held a live show on the 17th of May and a few days ago a video of that performance was released on their channel.

The live video shows the two songs included in their first release, namely “キセラセラ” (Que Sera Sera) and “yum yum”: the first one is a pure and soothing song, featuring cheerful, carefree sounds and melodies; the latter, on the other hand, has a more hip-hop-ish vibe and some 8-bit synths, making it slightly more bizarre, although still very catchy and pop-oriented. The colorful outfits and the eye-catching attitude on stage complete the show and make it look like a very fun experience, where the two girls as well are having a lot of fun.

NO LIVE, NO LIFE — the live show recorded in this video — will come back on the 15th of July and, together with FRUN FRIN FRIENDS, there will be other idol groups such as Jyu Jyu and Cinder Ella; if you want to watch the streaming, click here.

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