TOP 10 IDOL MV – December 2021

TOP 10 IDOL MV - December 2021

Happy new year! Let’s welcome 2022 with the usual list of the best MV’s released in December. Some pretty good ones came out at the end of the year, so let’s take a look at them!


To pig or not to pig? That is the question, and PIGGS answer with a nice song with a vertical video. The red dresses of the girls, the catchy vocal lines and the pop-punk-ish energy in “NOT PIG” are all good reasons to enjoy this MV.

09) 15GERM – シューティングスター (Shooting Star)

15GERM keep releasing MV’s one after another, and this means they deserve a place on this Top 10. Last month we got three videos from them, among which I chose the piano melody and the complex beats of “Shooting Star” as my favorite, although I recommend you to check out the other ones as well.

08) FRUITPOCHETTE – 孤高-Captivate-

As one of the oldest groups of the alt-idol scene, it’s always nice to get a new MV from FRUITPOCHETTE. The powerful heavy metal sound of “孤高-Captivate-” features intense rhythms and aggressive guitars combined with the two girls’ vocals, which which is why we have been loving them for all this time.


The latest MV by MANACLE for “BAN your HURT” shows us the girls on a stage with a backing band, which is a pretty nice view. The catchy and intense idol rock sound of the song is also very enjoyable and proves that the group is doing really well.

06) 東京サイコパス (Tokyo Psychopath) – いいねパラサイト (Ī Ne Parasite)

In case you needed some more metal idols, let me introduce you to Tokyo Psychopath, which sound more or less like… psychopaths, indeed. If you are searching for a group with unconventional (at least for idols) looks and hardcore music, they are a good choice.

05) NELN – ストロベリー (Strawberry)

Despite having lost one member, NELN are still doing great. “Strawberry” is among their best songs (at least for me), with its delicate synth pop sound. Also, we got another MV with red-dressed girls, which should not be a surprise in December, right?

04) 神使轟く、激情の如く。 (Shingeki) – 神奏曲:ライトニング (Shinsōkyoku: Lightning)

I could just say here’s the usual Shingeki and you would probably get what I mean. Of course, crazy intense metal sound with some idol-ish parts, a bit of rap here and there, a catchy chorus and a breakdown. Yes, that’s literally what “Shinsōkyoku: Lightning” is made of, and that’s we love this group.

03) nonamera – NO NAME

“NO NAME” is the latest result of nonamera‘s dive in EDM and electronic music, and it sound quite interesting. Combine it with a city-at-night-themed video full of vivid colors and effects, and you’ll get how awesome this MV is, despite being only two minutes and half long.

02) situasion – I would prefer not to

There are not many groups like situasion, which means we have to fully enjoy every time they release something. To be honest, I completely fell in love with the gentle but intense post-rock-ish sound of “I would prefer not to”. I definitely need more stuff from them.

01) ぜんぶ君のせいだ。 (Zenbukiminoseida.) – Underscore

Yes, we have been talking a lot about Zenbukiminoseida. lately, but we have our reasons. Simply put, they have been releasing great music (and videos as well), like “Underscore” with its unpredictable and complex mathcore-like sound featuring crazy screams and electronic beats.

Honorable Mentions

MANACLE – Liberation


Gothic-themed idol unit MANACLE drops an astonishing debut album full of intense and harmonious hits; let’s listen to Liberation.

MANACLE begins with quite the interesting backstory. We begin back in 2020, when around March it was announced that Risaki Kakizaki and Rei Imaizumi would be part of a triple graduation from NECRONOMIDOL. This shocked fans — especially in knowing Risaki had been a founding member of the group — and left us with lingering questions. Would they be retiring? What’s to become of the group? Well, all fears were soothed as they soon announced they had joined the company M-Smile and would be part of a new unit debuting later that year. At the graduation in June, fans were gifted with another surprise: Hina, who graduated in 2019, revealed she would also be joining the duo in this new venture. In August of 2020, their fourth and final member was unveiled: Maon, who had withdrawn from the group AIBECK, would complete their puzzle.

On September 23rd, with fresh names (Hina adopting the surname Takatsuji, Maon dropping the surname Ran, and Rei fully adopting the name Ray to solidify her sunshine-like energy and personality), they were born anew as MANACLE. Throughout 2020 they dropped a number of singles and at the beginning of 2021 we also met them through an interview; during their first live in March of this year, they announced the release of Liberation, their very first album, on May 12th.

Liberation is a behemoth of an album, boasting a total of 23 tracks: 11 original songs and 12 instrumentals, with a run time of an hour and 29 minutes. All songs with the exception of six are brand new, the remainder having been released in the year prior. I have to say though, this is a fantastic album, especially in terms of the members’ vocals.

We start with “Our Easter”, which sets a spooky tone right off the bat with shrill violins and horror-esque orchestration. The hard rock elements of the song assist in setting quite a creepy stage, but it’s really the symphonic elements that provide a fully fleshed out feeling. The echo-styled vocals in the pre-chorus are also a nice touch. “Cursed Exit” pumps up the energy with some EDM elements but it still retains a gothic touch. The strings take me back to the days of hard-hitting symphonic dance pop, like Tatsh’s ever popular “Xepher”. After that comes “Genome Burger”, which displays simplicity in its use of strange sounds, piano and drum as the only instrumentation. I’d describe the song as futuristic almost, if not a little bit creepy with the sound effects. The vocals are just as subdued to fit with the energy, showing that these girls can be just as good when not belting out.

“Mahoroba” stands out as my personal favorite of the entire album. It kicks things back into high gear with a gothic, symphonic metal-adjacent opening (honestly I was getting some Cradle of Filth vibes a little bit). The girls’ turns in the verses and pre-chorus are just as fast as the drumming, but when that chorus hits, it hits hard. MANACLE‘s members harmonize together like a heavenly choir worthy of giving you chills. I also think the chorus may be entirely in English as well. My only critique is that I wish the mix for the instruments was louder; I feel as if they didn’t turn it up too loud in order to avoid washing out the vocals, but the epic feeling of the song would be turned up to a new level if it were just a teeny bit louder.

The next song, “Look At Me!”, was used for the group’s very first music video. In trading gothic rock for synth pop, it’s got a newtro vibe to it almost; there’s something very 80s in the synth work while still retaining a fresh, modern edge in the vocals and guitar. The chorus sounds great, once again bringing the girls all together, and it’s enough to make the listener want to sing along. Ray absolutely sings her heart out towards the end, too.

Then we get to “Kakou”, which opens with a dreamy atmosphere and an interesting effect on the vocals — very reminiscent of how one would sound when talking into a fan; nonetheless, it’s a sweet and sentimental ballad track, once again slowing things down after two high energy bangers. After that comes “Cangue of the Heart”, with a rather romantic feel about it in the usage of Latin guitar alongside dance pop; Hina takes center stage in the verses, and everyone sounds great together in the choruses. “GokusaiReliever” blossoms with rock-tinged EDM and throughout the song the girls once again show the power behind their vocal abilities, especially in the choruses. There’s also a pretty neat drop at the 3:10 mark.

The iconic mix of electronic elements and piano makes “toACE” a fun rock track; it’s a fun song right from the jump with a chorus that just begs for crowd participation with the counting chants. Then “Youdentity” brings back the symphonic elements and introduces some spoken word sections. In the chorus, the electronica takes a back seat in favor of more metal-based instrumentation, and I absolutely love how the girls sound taking turns in the verses. There’s this galloping quality to the guitars that really bring the whole package together. “Huhen to Huhen” is the last of the vocal tracks, another rock banger through and through. The chorus absolutely soars and we’re once again given a full display of the strong ranges the girls have. It’s almost power ballad-like. The piano that comes in the final section is gorgeous, and Ray belting her heart out is so satisfying as well. Tracks 12 through 22 are all instrumental versions of the aforementioned songs, with “The First Supper” serving as an epic instrumental conclusion to the album.

All in all, MANACLE brings the house down with Liberation, and it is an absolute treat for anybody who’s been following the careers of these girls for a while now. For those who are new, I definitely recommend listening. I for one could not be happier to have these girls back in action and I hope they continue to carry on with their Liberators at their side.

TOP 10 IDOL MV – May 2021

TOP 10 IDOL MV - May 2021

How time flies! I almost didn’t realize that May was already over, but here we are. I feel like last month there slight less good MV, but on the other hand there was a lot of quality stuff. Let’s see which are the best MV’s of May!

10) MIRAI FLEET – わたしはもうきみのじゃない。 (Watashi Wa Mou Kimi No Janai)

Straightforward 4/4 EDM beats, powerful electric guitars, dramatic strings: MIRAI FLEET starts off with a song featuring lots of interesting elements. The colors of the MV perfectly fit this intense sound, showing all of its energy through many light rays. You may also be interested in the debut MV of Mirai⭐︎Frontier, their sister unit.

9) ASP – A Song of Punk

I’d never thought that someday I’d say that I like anal sex penis, but yeah, I don’t dislike it. ASP‘s first MV for “A Song of Punk” is literally what the title says: nothing but a punk song, but an enjoyable one, following the usual Wack style. The aesthetics of the group is probably what caught my attention the most, but the music is not half bad too.

8) ピューパ!! (Pupa!!) – Caramelt

Once again, I must praise Pupa!!. The catchy synth pop of this MV has been stuck in my head for a while, and I’m not really complaining. The songs of this trio often features ethereal elements together with more intense ones and “Caramelt” is no exception, with that very nice synth melody merging with refined piano notes. Yes, I love them.

7) 電影と少年CQ (Cinema And Boy CQ) – トランキライザーの恋人 (Tranquilizer no koibito)

Despite using a very elegant palace as the main setting for the video which made me think there could be some neoclassical influences somewhere in the song, Cinema And Boy CQ‘s “Tranquilizer No Koibito” breathes strong 80s vibes through its melodies especially in the duo’s vocal lines: how can you not love that chorus?

6) femme fatale – ピューピル (Pupil)

Speaking of the 80s, we can’t forget about femme fatale. Their interest in the sounds and aesthetics of the past is still strong in “Pupil”, featuring synth pop elements, funk-inspired basslines and lots of stuff from decades ago. Basically, everything you would expect from this duo.

5) ミソラドエジソン (Misolade Edison) – ムーンライトシアター (Moonlight Theater)

“Moonlight Theater” by Misolade Edison sounds almost like a very nice Halloween song, except its MV came out in May. Am I the only one who thinks that this would be the perfect song for an idol group in “The Nightmare Before Christmas”? Unfortunately, Burton didn’t put any idol in his story, but we still got this awesome and slightly dark song.

4) 感覚ロヂック (Kankaku Logic) – Fragrance

Kankaku Logic are one of the most intense idol metal groups, as shown in “Fragrance”; mixing various subgenres such has alternative, melodic death and the good old heavy metal, the song features both spiteful and delicate vocals, some creepy synths and, obviously, a lot of distorted guitars. Bonus points for the dark aesthetics of the four members.

3) クロスノエシス (CROSSNOESIS) – moon light

I wish CROSSNOESIS would release stuff more often, because everytime they do there is something great: this time, “moon light” made me fall in love with its sound based on drum and bass, which is not a genre you find that much in idol music. Now I want them to do more songs in this style.

2) MANACLE – Look at me!

We were all waiting for MANACLE‘s first MV, so here it is. “Look at me!” is a catchy and intense electronic song featuring some dark guitars and background synths which made me realize once again how cool Risaki, Ray and Hina are, together with their new friend Maon. Now, I don’t want to start a war, but this song is probably far better than anything these three girls did in their previous group.

1) 禁断の多数決 (Kindan No Tasuketsu) – Night Breeze

The fuzzy and ethereal synth/dream pop music of “Night Breeze” totally deserves the first place for this month. You never know what to epect from Kindan No Tasuketsu, but you can be sure that it will be good. But this time, it’s not just good: it’s incredible. And the video showing fireworks, the night sky, a cat… I don’t really know what’s going on here, but I love it.

Honorable Mentions

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