I’m Funny Fable – フリージア / Hermes -終わることないメロディを- (Freesia / Hermes -A Melody That Never Ends-)

I'm Funny Fable
We get to know the two different sides of I’m Funny Fable through their latest single “Freesia / Hermes -A Melody That Never Ends-“.
At the end of May, I’m Funny Fable released their second single titled フリージア / Hermes -終わることないメロディを- (Freesia / Hermes -A Melody That Never Ends-); through the couple of songs contained in it, the MAPLE INC. produced trio shows us two different sides of the group.

“Freesia” is a rock-oriented track featuring a simple yet effective guitar riff accompanied by some joyful synths and a light-hearted hook; the positive vibes and the powerful energy of the song are emphasized by the upbeat rhythm supporting the enthusiasm of the high-spirited melodies. Freesia is the name of a colorful flowering plant associated with purity and innocence, which fits the sound of this track and follows the flower-themed cover art.

On the other hand, “Hermes” seems to combine a fantasy atmosphere provided by the harp with a Seventies-inspired pop music leaning towards disco and funk; these two elements somehow blend together perfectly, as if they were made for each other. The result of this bizarre mix is a very quiet and almost surreal song, lulling us to a dream world with it slow rhythm and a catchy main melody.

In both songs, I’m Funny Fable did a pretty good job, managing to sound interesting and with a bit of their identity coming out. I personally prefer the ethereal vibes of “Hermes”, but “Freesia” is a nice one as well.


Listen to Nemuriorca’s first album, which will make you feel as if you were swimming with magical killer whales in a dreamlike world.
Shame on me for never finding some time to check out Nemuriorca until a few days ago. I’ve always found their name very appealing, but never found the right chance to get to know them. Now, that chance has finally come, meaning that their first album has been released.

Nemuriorca plays a sort of dreamlike, emotionally intense electronic music, where heavy drum beats often clash with ethereal vocals and sounds. “君と融通する” (Kimi To Yūzū Suru) — first song after a short intro which recently got a MV — and “ネムリロイド” (NEMURIROID) right after manage to give a perfect presentation of their sound through dynamic and bass-destroying rhythms, fairy-like and sometimes filtered voices and liquid melodies.

Listening to the music contained in [N E M U R I O R C A] feels like floating in a world where deep oceans and the night sky are merged as one, making you feel as if you were drifting among mermaids, killer whales and falling stars. Aquatic synths find their way in many songs, as shown with the sea-like melodies in “シトラスキー” (Citrusukī) and “nausea”, while strings and piano notes appear here and there to add a more magical and poetic aura as in “アクネサイン” (Acnesign).

However, the group often strays from this path to follow a more idol-rock-oriented direction. You can clearly feel this different side of Nemuriorca in tracks such as the upbeat “シャチメロン” (Orcamelon) and “オルカデイズ” (Orcadays); on the other hand, songs like “「 あ る い は 乖 離 す る 」” ([O r D i v e r g e]) and the vaguely shoegazey “すりーぷ WAR きんぐ” (sleep WAR king) also draw from the unit’s poetic soul and give it more energy through electric guitars, while “キミ僕スターティアー (Kimi Boku Startia) brings back the oceanic feelings.

As if it wasn’t enough, 8-bit stuff comes out every now and then too, as you can hear in “夜ニトラゼパみゅ” (Yorunitorazepamyu) and “ニンゲンごっこ” (Ningen Gokko), which is in turn enriched by relaxing acoustic guitars. There are so many different elements in this album, yet it sounds very coherent.

All in all, Nemuriorca‘s debut album is a pretty strong release; the group created a very personal sound which often seems to point towards liquid d’n’b music while keeping it very idol-ish. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.