メタモル!!! (METAMOL FOURZE) – Kimi no Onlywann! / Shinanaiwake / Getsyoubi Ga Hajimonday!!! / Heikoukuronosutashisu


METAMOL!!! quadruple feature! The foursome delivered four brand new singles throughout September: let’s catch up with ‘em!

It looks as though the future is quite bright for Metamolfourze, from a pop up shop collaboration to jam packed live shows and, most recently, four brand new singles showcasing the girls are still hard at work in coming up with new tunes. For those out of the loop, Metamolfourze — more commonly stylized as METAMOL!!! — is a four member group that debuted earlier this year featuring Aigasa Moe (ex-AKB48 and their producer), Hanasaki Funa (fashion designer for the brand MAHOROBA), Shabana Minami and Aise Hina. Their concept is that they’re a group that’s not limited to any set ideal and are constantly changing, hence the name being a play on the word “metamorphosis”. Back in July they released their debut album -tensei-, which I felt did a great job showcasing their limitless musicality and served as a strong introduction. Since then, they’ve released four singles throughout September, with the most recent one coming out September 29th.

First of the bunch is “Kimi no Onlywann!”, a bright and bubbly pop banger, released on September 6th. The funky beat is backed up by the girl’s charmingly cute voices, all of which carry distinctive tones. It does a good job in being catchy and sweet, making for a simple but effective tune.

The second, “Shinanaiwake”, came out on September 7th. This one leans more to the pop rock side with the girls showcasing a stronger vocal ability and range. Each member gets her own time to shine throughout, and I can’t help but feel like Funa especially does well in these kinds of songs with her deeper voice. Featuring a guitar solo before the bridge and an epic ending chorus, it does its job well.

“Getsyoubi Ga Hajimonday!!!” is the third single, arriving on September 7th. This time around the girls are having fun with the electropop genre. The verses have a bouncy feel to them, featuring a rap-styled pre chorus, before jumping right back into a dance worthy chorus. It’s got considerable speed over the previous singles, but much like the group’s chameleon nature, around the 2:50 mark the tempo is slowed (with some nice acoustic guitar notes), but gets right back up to speed shortly thereafter. While listening to this one I found myself bouncing in my seat — with such infectious energy, I’d have to say that so far this one’s a favorite.

The final single, released on the 29th of September, was “Heikoukuronosutashisu”. It’s got a bit of a math rock vibe to it, carried by the tone of the guitars. The vocals are softer in delivery but no less energetic, rather signifying this is a bit more of an emotional track. Again, Funa’s deeper tone does well here, but all the girls sound fantastic. The guitars are a real treat though with their fast and funky fretting. The solo that comes in at the 2:41 mark is especially cool. The introduction of piano in the bridge elevates the emotional vulnerability of the song before adding a key change to the final chorus. I absolutely loved this one, it’s definitely been added to a long list of favorites from these gals.

All in all, METAMOL!!! are absolutely a group worth checking out with their impressive range of musicality and their drive to constantly elevate their sound and image. I’m hoping another album is in the works, as anything from them would absolutely be worth waiting for. Until then feel free to catch up with the members on their socials and keep your eyes peeled for any new releases and events!

メタモル!!! (METAMOL FOURZE) – -Tensei-


The four-membered group メタモル!!! (METAMOL FOURZE) released their high impact debut digital album -Tensei-: let’s give it a try!

It’s not very often that you encounter an album that’s so chock-full of high spirits and boundless energy that it leaves you winded. So for those of you excited to experience that, let me introduce you to METAMOL!!!, also known as METAMOL FOURZE: a four member group that’s not tied to a concept (fitting, as their name seems to be a play on the word metamorphosis). Composed of Hanasaki Funa, Shabana Minami, Aise Hina and Aigasa Moe — who also produces their music — they dropped their first debut album on July 10th, titled -Tensei-, through the label LEXINGTON, and it’s seven tracks of no-holds-barred intensity.

The album opener, “Overture”, is an instrumental track that combines video game aesthetics with dance pop, and serves as a great warm up of what’s to come. The following track, “Spotlight Syndrome”, opens to a brief calming atmosphere before giving way to pure hard rock — quite the jump from the previous song, but well fitting to their design. As the girls come in, you’ll find that each member has a distinctive color to their vocal that sounds great when combined together in the chorus. The ambient effects throughout (especially in the instrumental break at the 2:30 point) give the song an almost metalcore edge, and the drums are absolutely fantastic towards the end with their near-blastbeat quality.

“Shuffle Life”, track three, is a jump genre-wise from the former with its electro-pop flavor. With its chanted opening and adlibs just begging for crowd participation, it’s sure to be a hit at the live shows. The next one, “Kojirasechatte, Gomenne” (Sorry I’m So Insecure) is a dance pop song with a spicy, jazzy flavor that’s aided by the saxophone in the chorus. The bouncy beats and hype-building pre-chorus will have you getting ready to dance in no time, and I personally find the chorus to be extremely catchy.

“Master” is the next song and this one carries a more gothic vibe in the use of symphonic elements. A synth pop track overall, and a romantic one at that, the dark vibes can surely be felt in the sliding pianos of the verses and hint of guitar throughout. At the 3:00 mark there’s a funky and fun interlude, and while all the METAMOL FOURZE girls shine through, Funa’s rich and deep tone does especially well here. Track six is cheekily titled “Doutan Kyohi” (Having the Same Oshi is Forbidden) that goes straight out the gate for some bombastic, punky pop. Though it shares a few similarities with the third track, the horns make for a distinctive and fun touch alongside the rotating vocal lines and soft, sparkly pre-choruses.

The final song is “MurabitoM” (Villager M) and one might notice it’s striking similarity with the album’s opening instrumental in their high energy, video game-influenced sound, but this time with rock elements and sick vocal effects. There’s quite a lot going on with this song, from the key changes to the blitzing soundscape. At times it feels like a Dragonforce song with just how fast everything goes — and that’s not a bad thing at all. If power rock is a genre, I feel like this would be a very fitting inclusion.

-Tensei- is quite the whirlwind of an album from start to finish and a great beginning to this promising idol unit. With their metamorphosis ideology, it makes us wonder what’ll be the next route the girls take? Until then, follow the members on their various social platforms and be sure to check out METAMOL FOURZE‘s Youtube channel that contains live performances, lyric videos and practices of all the songs featured here.