TOP 10 IDOL MV – September 2020

Top 10 Idol MV: September 2020

September is gone, putting an end to summer as well; IdolOnChaos also celebrated its first year of activity. Isn’t it a good chance to start another new thing? Starting this month, we are going to have a monthly chart of the Top 10 idol MVs. Are you ready? Let’s go.

10) 韻ふめ!どーぷちゃん (Infume! Dope-Chan) – Another Day

I may be biased towards them, but I always enjoy some new music from 韻ふめ!どーぷちゃん (Infume! Dope-Chan). Mixing pop and hip-hop, “Another Day” is a quiet song with an atmosphere perfectly represented by the shores of the video, featuring both melancholy and hope in the light of the setting sun.

9) CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL – 偶像少女B2F (Gūzō Shōjo B2F)

“偶像少女” (Gūzō Shōjo B2F) is not your average MV: it’s almost a short movie interweaving with live shots of the group, even with the music starting after a 90 seconds long intro. CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL tries to tell a story with their rock sound as its soundtrack, and it works perfectly.

8) 激情リフレイン (Gekizyou Refrain) – 逆転カラフリズム (Gyakuten Colorfulism)

When a group at its debut releases a song this good, you can’t help but listen to it at least once a day for a month. The first MV by 激情リフレイン (Gekizyou Refrain) brings us some good powerful metal music with two harsh vocalists providing a good amount of aggressiveness.

7) TENRIN – アーティファクト (Artifact)

TENRIN is a very promising unit and “アーティファクト” (Artifact) is a perfect example of their greatness. Their melodic alternative metal sound with just a tiny bit of post-rock is really enjoyable, not to mention the nice vocals of the five girls. I have high expectations for this group and they are not disappointing me.

6) The Grateful a MogAAAz – もっと燃えて生きたいもんだぜ (Motto moete ikitai monda ze)

Industrial rock idols sounds like a cool concept and The Grateful a MogAAAz proved it with their latest MV. Mechanical beats, acid synths and electric guitars blend together in “もっと燃えて生きたいもんだぜ” (Motto moete ikitai monda ze), while the girls fight with each other like in those good old martial arts movies.

5) meme tokyo. – スーサイド ボーダレス (SUICIDE BORDERLESS)

When it comes to weirdness, meme tokyo. are getting one of the strongest units; and at the same time, they sound really catchy. “SUICIDE BORDERLESS” may be described like a chaotic pop song, featuring slapped bass lines, mind-blowing electronic effects and melodic vocal lines.

4) ZSASZ – ときどきひかる (Tokidoki Hikaru)

While it’s not really the most unique video ever, I can assure you that you’ll find yourself watching the laser lights of “ときどきひかる” (Tokidoki Hikaru) many, many times over. Put them together with the five astonishing girls of Zsasz and a song mixing genres ranging from post-hardcore to hip-hop and you’ll see why.

3) PIGGS – クマンバチの独白 (Kumanbachi No Dokuhaku)

It wouldn’t be fair to exclude the new group created by the queen of alt-idol herself, Pour Lui. PIGGS deliver a very intense and catchy punk song with a really enjoyable hook, together with a one shot camera video showing all of the girls’ energy.

2) 始発待ちアンダーグラウンド (Shihatsu-Machi Underground) – ハレルヤ (Hallelujah)

We talked about this one before, so it’s only natural to mention it again in this Top 10. Shihatsu-Machi Underground take the psychedelic aspect of their sound to another level, literally forcing our minds to travel through unknown dimensions. The video is also very weird, which is a good reason to consider it as one of the best MVs of September.

1) NECRONOMIDOL – santa sangre

Not really surprising considering what they did, but NECRONOMIDOL‘s latest MV totally deserves the first place of this chart. The 80s synth pop with some hard rock hints of “Santa Sangre” combined with a video of four girls trapped in a bathroom going crazy and killing each other is priceless. Creepy and bloody as hell.

That was all for September; of course, you can find more videos in the Idol-Tube section. See you next month for another Top 10!


Necronomidol - Tupilaq

Necronomidol has finally been resurrected and brought us a new song titled “Tupilaq”, which marks a new era of the infamous ultradark idol unit.

After announcing their resurrection, our favorite ultradark idols are back with a new MV: “Tupilaq” is the first Necronomidol song with the new line-up, so Im pretty curious to see how the group is doing after being reborn from its own ashes.

Let’s start by giving a context to this title: tupilaq is the name of monsters of Inuit’s culture, created by shamans using animals and even children parts and used to kill their enemy. Kinda creepy stuff, as expected by Necroma. And, unsurprisingly, the girls perform a bloody ritual to give life to a bizarre creature which finally achieves its purpose and kills the designated victim. Also, the (intentional) amateurish quality of the video adds more creepiness, just in case you needed more of it.

The song is made of a groovy and powerful form of rock-metal hybrid backed by thick, distorted synths and enriched by the haunting voices of the four shamans; I especially enjoyed the backing vocals during the hook, which add an eve more eerie feel to the music. With a good balance of catchiness and energy embraced by an ever-present disturbing atmosphere, “Tupilaq” works perfectly as a comeback, capturing the essence of Necroma and proving that the unit is not dead yet… although I wouldn’t be surprised if it was undead.

All in all, Necronomidol are still an interesting and unique group, bringers of the darkest and haunted music in the idol scene; “Tupilaq” marks the beginning of this new era for them, and we’ll be glad to follow their next steps.

NECRONOMIDOL – New Members Announcement + Resurrection In June

Necronomidol Logo

After a short hiatus, here’s the new Necronomidol line-up including Tsukishiro Himari and three new members; their resurrection will take place in June.

Being and idol fan is often hard, with the many sudden plot twists ending up in members leaving their unit, or even the groups themselves completely disbanding. It’s even worse when you take for granted the stability of a group, just to find out that most of the members unexpectedly quit.

What happened to Necromonidol in March was totally out of the blue and left everyone speechless; three members leaving at once must have been a hard time both for the remaining one and for the staff, but it was probably a difficult decision for the ones quitting too. After a month, it seems that things moving in both directions, as Risaki Kakizaki, Rei Imaizumi and Michelle recently teamed up with xoxo EXTREME for a song and Necroma announced their new line-up with a teaser for their reboot resurrection which should happen in June.

Fans of extreme metal will probably remember the tile Blood Fire Death from a certain album, and also the new logo is written in runic alphabet; should we expect a viking-oriented theme for their next release? Probably not, but let me dream.

The teaser shows three new girls together with 月城ひまり (Tsukishiro Himari), the only survivor of the previous incarnation representing the midnight blue: the blonde one is 神乃菜愛 (Kamino Nana), her color is crimson and she loves Disney; the short-haired one is 流川慈綺 (Rukawa Shiki) with the ultramarine blue color, and I can’t wait to understand what’s the meaning of changing her voice as her special skill; finally, the one with the twintails is 兎蛇髏亞 (Toda Roa), she has the color of dusk and apparently she can whistle… another thing I need to hear in Necroma.

  • Necronomidol - 2020
    Necronomidol - 2020
  • Necronomidol - 月城ひまり (Tsukishiro Himari)
    Necronomidol - 月城ひまり (Tsukishiro Himari)
  • Necronomidol - 月城ひまり (Tsukishiro Himari)
    Necronomidol - 月城ひまり (Tsukishiro Himari)
  • Necronomidol - 神乃菜愛 (Kamino Nana)
    Necronomidol - 神乃菜愛 (Kamino Nana)
  • Necronomidol - 神乃菜愛 (Kamino Nana)
    Necronomidol - 神乃菜愛 (Kamino Nana)
  • Necronomidol - 流川慈綺 (Rukawa Shiki)
    Necronomidol - 流川慈綺 (Rukawa Shiki)
  • Necronomidol - 流川慈綺 (Rukawa Shiki)
    Necronomidol - 流川慈綺 (Rukawa Shiki)
  • Necronomidol - 兎蛇髏亞 (Toda Roa)
    Necronomidol - 兎蛇髏亞 (Toda Roa)
  • Necronomidol - 兎蛇髏亞 (Toda Roa)
    Necronomidol - 兎蛇髏亞 (Toda Roa)

As I said before, the resurrection of the group will take place next June, so we have some time to get to know these new members. Necromonidol had some line-up changes in the past and always managed to take the best out of their idols, so let’s see how this new form of the unit will perform.

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