TOP 10 IDOL MV – December 2021

TOP 10 IDOL MV - December 2021

Happy new year! Let’s welcome 2022 with the usual list of the best MV’s released in December. Some pretty good ones came out at the end of the year, so let’s take a look at them!


To pig or not to pig? That is the question, and PIGGS answer with a nice song with a vertical video. The red dresses of the girls, the catchy vocal lines and the pop-punk-ish energy in “NOT PIG” are all good reasons to enjoy this MV.

09) 15GERM – シューティングスター (Shooting Star)

15GERM keep releasing MV’s one after another, and this means they deserve a place on this Top 10. Last month we got three videos from them, among which I chose the piano melody and the complex beats of “Shooting Star” as my favorite, although I recommend you to check out the other ones as well.

08) FRUITPOCHETTE – 孤高-Captivate-

As one of the oldest groups of the alt-idol scene, it’s always nice to get a new MV from FRUITPOCHETTE. The powerful heavy metal sound of “孤高-Captivate-” features intense rhythms and aggressive guitars combined with the two girls’ vocals, which which is why we have been loving them for all this time.


The latest MV by MANACLE for “BAN your HURT” shows us the girls on a stage with a backing band, which is a pretty nice view. The catchy and intense idol rock sound of the song is also very enjoyable and proves that the group is doing really well.

06) 東京サイコパス (Tokyo Psychopath) – いいねパラサイト (Ī Ne Parasite)

In case you needed some more metal idols, let me introduce you to Tokyo Psychopath, which sound more or less like… psychopaths, indeed. If you are searching for a group with unconventional (at least for idols) looks and hardcore music, they are a good choice.

05) NELN – ストロベリー (Strawberry)

Despite having lost one member, NELN are still doing great. “Strawberry” is among their best songs (at least for me), with its delicate synth pop sound. Also, we got another MV with red-dressed girls, which should not be a surprise in December, right?

04) 神使轟く、激情の如く。 (Shingeki) – 神奏曲:ライトニング (Shinsōkyoku: Lightning)

I could just say here’s the usual Shingeki and you would probably get what I mean. Of course, crazy intense metal sound with some idol-ish parts, a bit of rap here and there, a catchy chorus and a breakdown. Yes, that’s literally what “Shinsōkyoku: Lightning” is made of, and that’s we love this group.

03) nonamera – NO NAME

“NO NAME” is the latest result of nonamera‘s dive in EDM and electronic music, and it sound quite interesting. Combine it with a city-at-night-themed video full of vivid colors and effects, and you’ll get how awesome this MV is, despite being only two minutes and half long.

02) situasion – I would prefer not to

There are not many groups like situasion, which means we have to fully enjoy every time they release something. To be honest, I completely fell in love with the gentle but intense post-rock-ish sound of “I would prefer not to”. I definitely need more stuff from them.

01) ぜんぶ君のせいだ。 (Zenbukiminoseida.) – Underscore

Yes, we have been talking a lot about Zenbukiminoseida. lately, but we have our reasons. Simply put, they have been releasing great music (and videos as well), like “Underscore” with its unpredictable and complex mathcore-like sound featuring crazy screams and electronic beats.

Honorable Mentions

TOP 10 IDOL MV – January 2021

TOP 10 IDOL MV - January 2021

First month of 2021 is gone, meaning that we can have the first Top 10 of the MV released this year. Let’s go!

10) プランクスターズ (Planckstars) – 終わらない (Owaranai)

プランクスターズ (Planckstars) released two MV’s this month, one at the beginning and one at the end. It was a bit hard to choose which one was better, but ultimately I went for the latest one, “終わらない” (Owaranai), which can be easily summarized as idol punk at its best.

9) 悲撃のヒロイン症候群 (HeroSyn) – ゼロセンチメンタル (Zero Sentimental)

With a preview which surely caught our attention, the latest MV by 悲撃のヒロイン症候群 (HeroSyn) for “ゼロセンチメンタル” (Zero Sentimental) features a good rock base with a bit of electronic and symphonic-like stuff here and there, together with a very colorful and intriguing video. A really nice tune from this group.

8) ステラシュガレット (Stella Sugarlet) – 超絶!メイド生活 (Chōzetsu! Maid Seikatsu)

Didn’t expect to put some cute maids singing on a catchy pop song here, but Stella Sugarlet‘s latest MV deserves to be in this Top 10. While it’s more typical idolish stuff, it features some nice rock elements and it also turns slightly dark every now and then. Well, not really dark to be honest, but still nice.

7) 中野カルチャーセンター (Nakano Culture Center) – 私のとこだけ虫がくる (Watashi No Toko Dake Mushi Ga Kuru)

The music of 中野カルチャーセンター (Nakano Culture Center) seems to come from another world. While it’s very catchy, it’s also equally weird and unique. And very Japanese, somehow. Take “私のとこだけ虫がくる” (Watashi No Toko Dake Mushi Ga Kuru), which features all of their weirdness, with an even more bizarre MV.

6) NEO JAPONISM – Trigger

First MV of the year! If that is not a good reason to put this video among the best ones of January, let’s say that NEO JAPONISM never disappoint us (expect for when they almost died a couple of year ago). The usual powerful and high quality heavy metal sound of the group is what make “Trigger” a very good song, and that’s what we want from this unit.

5) akugi feat. 色とわ (Shiki Towa) – デイドリームスピーカー (Daydream Speaker)

Although apparently less dark than their debut song, “デイドリームスピーカー” (Daydream Speaker) by akugi brings us a suicide-themed MV accompanied by melancholic guitar notes and hip-hop beats. Did I say it was less dark? Forget it. Not even the presence of Shiki Towa from Seireki13ya can make this more positive.

4) ANDCRAZY BREAK – Girls Legend

Finally, after many songs, ANDCRAZY BREAK managed to impress me. Mixing electronic/pop rhythms, strong rock guitars and just a bit of rap, “Girls Legend” is a very enjoyable song with a great hook, with a video in which the five girls act as the main characters of an action video game.

3) NELN – snow light

NELN are unstoppable. They keep releasing cool singles one after another, and “snow light” is no exception. The delicate black and white MV perfectly matches the positive vibes of the refined, yet intense song. The strong and catchy chorus is probably one of the best things this group did in their year of activity.

2) 会心ノ一撃 (Kaishin No Ichigeki) – シガテラ (Ciguatera)

I’ll admit I didn’t know what “Ciguatera” meant before this song. Learning about foodborne illnesses through idols is kinda weird, but 会心ノ一撃 (Kaishin No Ichigeki) apparently can do it. Despite the sickly title, both the music and the video are very delicate and high quality, just as you would expect from this group.

1) 爆裂女子 (BURST GIRL) – 最底辺ロマンス (Saiteihen Romance)

Mechanical metal riffs, hip-hop beats and rapped parts and pure punk energy: “最底辺ロマンス” (Saiteihen Romance) proves how good 爆裂女子 (BURST GIRL) are doing right now. Powerful, intense and yet very catchy, this song totally deserves the first place of this Top 10.

As usual, here’s some more good videos released in January!

Honorable Mentions

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