TOP 10 IDOL MV- September 2021

TOP 10 IDOL MV- September 2021

As we just entered into the spookiest month, it’s time to check out the best videos of September. So here’s the greatest (and spookiest!) MV’s released last month!

10) IQ99 – Fun Funny Future

This month’s Top 10 starts off with some good old punk kindly offered by IQ99. “Fun Funny Future” features the pop-ish side of the genre, a dirty and powerful electric guitar tone and even a lullaby-like part. Yes, another normal day in the idol world, but with some very colorful costumes.

9) アイナ・ジ・エンド (AiNA THE END) – ロマンスの血 (Romance No Chi)

I guess I don’t need to explain who AiNA THE END is, right? Her vocals really shine in “Romance No Chi”, where a brass section blends with a steady and intense rhythm, with Aina’s awesomeness on top of it all. Not really an idol-ish song, but great nonetheless.

8) HO6LA – ピリカリラ (Pirikarira)

Fans of CY8ER probably know of Rinahamu’s new group HO6LA; for the ones who don’t, here they are, with some members from BiS and PIGGS. If you missed that kind of electro-pop sound, you’re going to love “Pirikarira”.

7) ASP – the MAN CALLiNG

A huge punk explosion is probably the best definition I could give you about ASP‘s “the MAN CALLiNG”. If you love the more extreme side of Wack groups, the insanely fast and intense rhythm of the song will definitely make you happy.

6) じゅじゅ (Jyu Jyu) – Guilty

Jyu Jyu are back with their gothic-tinged metal sound and another bizarre video. I don’t know why there are yellow cartoon guys in this dark-themed MV, but putting that aside, “Guilty” is a very enjoyable song, although not their best in my opinion. They are always fascinating, in any case.

5) twinpale – ぼくたちは失敗 (Boku-tachi Wa Shippai)

Former Herosyn members Aoi Kanau and Shirayuki Himeno are back together in twinpale. “Boku-tachi Wa Shippai” shows that they are going towards a more electro-pop-oriented sound with this project, while keeping that kind of colorful and flashy aesthetics.

4) MiiS – Saturn Return Day

With “Saturn Return Day”, MiiS bring us some powerful and emotional rock, combined with a flamboyant video. Good guitar riffs, nice vocals, just a bit of electronica and vibrant colors: that’s what this MV is made of, and I surely enjoyed it a lot (even more than I expected).

3) NEO JAPONISM – Buster Buster

I feel like NEO JAPONISM keep finding a way to be in the Top 10 of every month, and usually among the top 5. That just means that they are an awesome group, I guess, and “Buster Buster” does its best to remind us of their greatness. Plus, it’s always cool to see idols fighting against the bad guys.

2) 戦国アニマル極楽浄土 (Senkyoku) – あさきゆめみし (Asakiyumemishi)

This month’s best surreal moment belongs to Senkyoku and their song “Asakiyumemishi”. Weird strings, organs and synth mix with a bouncy bass line and a danceable rhythm, with the girls singing a very normal idol pop song on top of it all. Can’t say that the video is less bizarre either, despite showing just the girls dancing.

1) ミソラドエジソン (Misolade Edison) – ラストディナー (Last Dinner)

The perfect video to start the spooky season is Misolade Edison‘s “Last Dinner”, which incidentally is also the most impressive one of this list. Less ethereal than their gothic-idol colleagues we mentioned before but with a more intense and somehow idolish sound, the group totally deserves to be the number one of the month.

Honorable Mentions

TOP 10 IDOL MV – August 2021

TOP 10 IDOL MV - August 2021

Goodbye August and welcome September! Autumn is coming very soon, but we still need to take another look at last month to find out the best MV’s our favorite idols released. Let’s go!


City pop will always be welcome here on IdolOnChaos; YORUWA KOREKARA‘s latest MV for “Take Off” brings back the Eighties vibes with nice synth melodies, funky bass lines and neon lights. If you miss Especia, you are definitely going to enjoy this one.

9) 戦国アニマル極楽浄土 (Senkyoku) – 奏色恋音 (Utairo Koioto)

Traditional Japanese music blends with an everchanging form of pop in “Utairo Koioto” by Senkyoku: the song keeps shifting gears and — despite the very catchy chorus — is kinda hard to follow at some point; which is exactly why I love it, as it makes me want to listen to it a thousand times until I get it.

8) SZWARC – Revolution!

SZWARC‘s hip-hop sound seems to like some influences from the past as well; the dancey beat and the synths, together with the rapped vocals, make “Revolution!” a very enjoyable song; bonus points for the very Eighties-like video as well, totally fits the music.

7) lonely planet – SECRET GIRL

I have to admit that the powerful and emotional rock sound of lonely planet‘s latest MV surprised me: while I’ve been following them since the beginning, “SECRET GIRL” is one of their best tunes yet, featuring touching piano notes supported by an intense drumming a nice chorus.

6) ラストクエスチョン (Last Question) – おっちょこちょい (Occhokochoi)

Last Question turned into a trio of pink horned girls for the MV of “Occhokochoi”, and it’s not even the kawaiiest thing here. Just listen to its catchy chorus: I haven’t been able to get it out of my head for a while now. But maybe it’s because I’m not even trying.


In a perfect world, NEO JAPONISM‘s “GAN GAN HERO!!!!!” would be the opening theme for My Hero Academia. This is exactly what you would expect from a metal/rock idol unit singing about heroes. I want these girls to save the world from the bad guys.


Finally, the Idol Underworld-produced solo idol KOSAME. Expect death growls and screams, blast beats, breakdowns and literally every heavy thing in music you can think of. Don’t forget about her clean vocals though, which are even better than everything else.

3) I to U $CREAMing!! – float

With “float”, the duo I to U $CREAMing!! dives into the post-rock genre, and it’s absolutely great. Starting off quiet and ethereal, the song suddenly brings in a huge, shoegazey wall of guitars carrying the heaviest emotions. Well, it’s post-rock, what did you expect?

2) HINAGIKU – 雛菊 (Hinagiku)

Traditional Japanese music comes back thanks to HINAGIKU, this time with a more typical electro-pop sound with some hip-hop here and there. The debut MV for their self-titled song lets us see what they are made of, and I don’t dislike it at all. If you enjoy idol groups with male members, you will surely love this.

1) 令名の和歌 (Reimei No Waka) – 神楽姫 (Kagurahime)

Being the kind of guy who love experimental and weird music, I didn’t really expect to choose Reimei No Waka‘s MV as the best one of last month. However, “Kagurahime” is a very enjoyable idol/rock song with memorable vocal lines and a sound full of energy and emotions. Another song I can’t get out of my head.

Honorable Mentions

TOP 10 IDOL MV – January 2021

TOP 10 IDOL MV - January 2021

First month of 2021 is gone, meaning that we can have the first Top 10 of the MV released this year. Let’s go!

10) プランクスターズ (Planckstars) – 終わらない (Owaranai)

プランクスターズ (Planckstars) released two MV’s this month, one at the beginning and one at the end. It was a bit hard to choose which one was better, but ultimately I went for the latest one, “終わらない” (Owaranai), which can be easily summarized as idol punk at its best.

9) 悲撃のヒロイン症候群 (HeroSyn) – ゼロセンチメンタル (Zero Sentimental)

With a preview which surely caught our attention, the latest MV by 悲撃のヒロイン症候群 (HeroSyn) for “ゼロセンチメンタル” (Zero Sentimental) features a good rock base with a bit of electronic and symphonic-like stuff here and there, together with a very colorful and intriguing video. A really nice tune from this group.

8) ステラシュガレット (Stella Sugarlet) – 超絶!メイド生活 (Chōzetsu! Maid Seikatsu)

Didn’t expect to put some cute maids singing on a catchy pop song here, but Stella Sugarlet‘s latest MV deserves to be in this Top 10. While it’s more typical idolish stuff, it features some nice rock elements and it also turns slightly dark every now and then. Well, not really dark to be honest, but still nice.

7) 中野カルチャーセンター (Nakano Culture Center) – 私のとこだけ虫がくる (Watashi No Toko Dake Mushi Ga Kuru)

The music of 中野カルチャーセンター (Nakano Culture Center) seems to come from another world. While it’s very catchy, it’s also equally weird and unique. And very Japanese, somehow. Take “私のとこだけ虫がくる” (Watashi No Toko Dake Mushi Ga Kuru), which features all of their weirdness, with an even more bizarre MV.

6) NEO JAPONISM – Trigger

First MV of the year! If that is not a good reason to put this video among the best ones of January, let’s say that NEO JAPONISM never disappoint us (expect for when they almost died a couple of year ago). The usual powerful and high quality heavy metal sound of the group is what make “Trigger” a very good song, and that’s what we want from this unit.

5) akugi feat. 色とわ (Shiki Towa) – デイドリームスピーカー (Daydream Speaker)

Although apparently less dark than their debut song, “デイドリームスピーカー” (Daydream Speaker) by akugi brings us a suicide-themed MV accompanied by melancholic guitar notes and hip-hop beats. Did I say it was less dark? Forget it. Not even the presence of Shiki Towa from Seireki13ya can make this more positive.

4) ANDCRAZY BREAK – Girls Legend

Finally, after many songs, ANDCRAZY BREAK managed to impress me. Mixing electronic/pop rhythms, strong rock guitars and just a bit of rap, “Girls Legend” is a very enjoyable song with a great hook, with a video in which the five girls act as the main characters of an action video game.

3) NELN – snow light

NELN are unstoppable. They keep releasing cool singles one after another, and “snow light” is no exception. The delicate black and white MV perfectly matches the positive vibes of the refined, yet intense song. The strong and catchy chorus is probably one of the best things this group did in their year of activity.

2) 会心ノ一撃 (Kaishin No Ichigeki) – シガテラ (Ciguatera)

I’ll admit I didn’t know what “Ciguatera” meant before this song. Learning about foodborne illnesses through idols is kinda weird, but 会心ノ一撃 (Kaishin No Ichigeki) apparently can do it. Despite the sickly title, both the music and the video are very delicate and high quality, just as you would expect from this group.

1) 爆裂女子 (BURST GIRL) – 最底辺ロマンス (Saiteihen Romance)

Mechanical metal riffs, hip-hop beats and rapped parts and pure punk energy: “最底辺ロマンス” (Saiteihen Romance) proves how good 爆裂女子 (BURST GIRL) are doing right now. Powerful, intense and yet very catchy, this song totally deserves the first place of this Top 10.

As usual, here’s some more good videos released in January!

Honorable Mentions

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