KNOW YOUR IDOL #22: 9999.99 -count stop-

9999.99 -count stop-

On this new episode of the Know Your Idol interview series in collaboration with Idol Underworld, we are getting to know the psychopath idols of 9999.99 -count stop-.

How high can you count? 1, 2, 3… 10, 100, 1000… Wait, why did we stop at 9999.99? Does this mean that we are going to have a chat with the idol group 9999.99 -count stop-? Yeah, apparently that’s what happening.

The four psychopath idols talked with us about their group, their crazy live performances, their experiences in other units and much more. Enjoy the interview!

Lil na Valley – live @ GOTANDA G5 [2021-03-07]

Lil Na Valley

Let’s get to know more about Lil na Valley through a live video made by iColony; this melodic hardcore idol unit seems to be pretty enjoyable!

Groups that don’t have really many releases and MV’s are often hard to follow for non-Japanese people. That’s why we have to bow before channels that bring us lots of high quality live videos such as iColony, which you probably already know (and if you don’t, follow them right now).

Lurking around the many videos they published recently, I noticed a video from one idol group that I only heard by name and didn’t have the chance to check out yet: Lil na Valley. Turns out that this unit — which is under JIL PLANET, together with Ars’alum, SPACE PIRATES class ZERO and Pu Lathessa — released their first single Heavy Mental one year ago and nothing else; they are still active though, despite having lost a member recently, and this live video recorded last March proves that they are also pretty good.

The music of the group combines an intense melodic hardcore sound full of energy with ultra-catchy vocal lines, a very nice blend that seems to work perfectly on stage — as you would expect from a punk-based idol unit. The intro of the show caught me a bit off guard with that slightly EDM-oriented sound, but then “Heavy Mental” immediately set the mood of the whole concert. It’s impressive how the songs are memorable right after the first listening, thanks to the enjoyable hooks acting as the more melodic counterparts to the harder and more intense verses.

The five girls also do a great job not only singing with all their heart, but also putting a lot of energy into their performance; it may be a given considering we’re talking about idol music, but the members of this group are what really makes this show so entertaining, together with the top-notch instrumentals.

Overall, Lil na Valley seems to be a pretty nice unit, which will be appreciated by fans of punk idols. Since the live showed that they have a good amount of songs now, I hope they are going to release them in some way, so that we can get to listen to them more.

KNOW YOUR IDOL #5: Zombie Powder

Zombie Powder
The Know Your Idol series is back with another interview: this time we’ll get to know Zombie Powder, an idol quintet whose punk music brings in a lot of different influences. As always, special thanks to Idol Underworld.
Another interview, another punk group: Zombie Powder‘s music is actually more than simply punk, but the freedom through which they draw from metal, ska and many other genres is the essence of punk. We didn’t have many chances to talk about this group since I created this website, but they absolutely deserve more attention.

In this interview, we’ll get to know the five members of this unit, talking about their tastes in music, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and their thoughts on both themselves and the idol scene. Enjoy the interview!

Ok, new life goal: bringing Zombie Powder (along with other idols) in Italy. Let’s make Italy not only the land of pizza, but also the land of idols. Because idols and pizza may be the best combo ever.

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