On the first episode of the Know Your Idol series, in collaboration with Idol Underworld, we’ll get to know the horror punk angels XTEEN.
Today we start a new column named Know Your Idol, which will allow us to get to know more about our favorite idols through video interviews. The first group we decided to interview is XTEEN, the horror punk angels we have already talked about before; Hime-chan, Shion and Jinja talked about their experience as idols and much more. Enjoy the interview!

Special thanks to Idol Underworld which made this possible; you can buy XTEEN‘s merchandise through their website, including CDs and chekis.

XTEEN – The New Black

Friday the 13th is the perfect day to release a horror punk video; XTEEN didn’t miss the chance and published their new MV for “The New Black”.
Once upon a time, talking about horror punk meant thinking of bad looking guys wearing black stuff, zombie make-up and weird hairstyles. I don’t really know when the genre turned into some cute goth angels singing in a regal and Renaissance-inspired location, but… nope, I’m not going to complain. So here we go with XTEEN‘s latest MV.

Don’t get fooled by the noir-jazzy intro, the song soon takes out their well-known energy and it could not be otherwise, since Saki from Mary’s Blood plays the guitar here, also adding some nice solos. That said, this is the usual XTEEN at their best, with fast punk ryhthms, backing vocals and an underlying horror feeling; you’re gonna enjoying it quite a bit.

“The New Black” is taken from XTEEN‘s latest single released around last Halloween, which also features a song awesomely titled — you’d never guess it — “Thank God It’s Friday The 13th”. You can listen to “The New Black” on Spotify.

神使轟く、激情の如く。 (Shingeki) – 神奏曲:テンペスト (Shinsō Kyoku: Tempest)

神使轟く、激情の如く。 (Shingeki)
神使轟く、激情の如く。/ Shingeki’s new MV is the usual stuff from this unit, but a lot better: 神奏曲:テンペスト is a very powerful song mixing metal, punk and much more.
Do you know those songs that just blow you away simply for their awesomeness? I’ve got many of them and I’m gonna add the latest one from 神使轟く、激情の如く。 (Shingeki) to the list, which also has a very cool video.

Yeah, great job at choosing the preview pic. That said, “神奏曲:テンペスト” (Shinsō Kyoku: Tempest) is a very powerful song mixing punkish vibes, alternative metal heaviness, a bit of rap here and there and… a lot of stuff, basically; the usual Shingeki stuff to be honest, but very well made. It has a nice structure which allows all the girls to get their moment to shine and you can feel it from the very varied vocals ranging from typical idol stuff to a more aggressive singing, even getting into delinquent-like yells. Indeed, they look like very bad girls here, yet how can you not love Imoko’s smile… while she points a gun at you?

So if you are not already following Shingeki — do it now. Seriously, they’re probably one of the most interesting units out there, especially if you like your idols strong and powerful.

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