TOP 10 IDOL MV – June 2021

TOP 10 IDOL MV - June 2021

Every month I get lost among the many awesome MV that come out, and it’s often quite hard to choose the best ones. Last month gave us lots of good stuff as usual, so let’s take a look at the coolest videos of June!

10) くぴぽ (qppo) – あんだーすたんどみゅーじっく (Understand Music)

If I had to describe “Understand Music” by qppo, I’d say that it’s probably the kind of video that YouTube reactors would love to make funny faces to. I mean, we’re talking about an idol group featuring a guy with pigtails singing on some digital hardcore stuff. In any case, the song is pretty good.

9) RED-i – Without You…

We talked about RED-i last week through Chika Radar, but I guess they deserve to be mentioned here too. The emotional rock sound of “Without You…” is a very nice introduction for this group, and the more I listen to it, the more I want them to release some new songs as soon as possible.

8) akugi feat. メイユイメイ (Mei Yui Mei) – period

akugi keep releasing songs with idols from other codomomental groups, and more often than not they are quite interesting. In this case, “period” starts off quite light, but then turns into a horror heavy hip-hop tune with Mei Yui Mei screaming her heart out. Well, I can’t say it didn’t catch me off guard, and that’s why I like it.

7) パピプペポは難しい (Papipupepo Wa Muzukashii) – スーパーSAMURAI忍者・カラテマン (Super Samurai Ninja Karateman)

In their latest MV, Papipupepo Wa Muzukashii turned into some colorful super-heroines. And a giraffe, of course. If that is not enough to make you want to watch it, let me tell you that “Super Samurai Ninja Karateman” is a song that you’ll find yourself listening to it over and over.

6) AKIARIM – アリム (Arim)

The only downside of AKIARIM‘s MV is that we get to see the complete line-up only for a few seconds at the end, since the song doesn’t feature the two newest members. Other than that, “Arim” is a pretty solid song, powerful and catchy enough to be enjoyed by every fan of rock idols.

5) めろん畑a go go (Melon Batake A Go Go) – 哀しきIDOL (Kanashiki Idol)

Fans of retro music must be really grateful for the existence of Melon Batake A Go Go. They never disappoint and always manage to bring back sounds from when most of us weren’t even born. “Kanashiki Idol” is yet another great one from them, and it gets even better when it gets faster towards the end.

4) B.K.S.N – シーラカンス (Coelacanth)

I have to say that B.K.S.N deserved to be in the top 3, but as usual there were way too many great MV’s last month. Nevertheless, “Coelacanth” is an awesome song combining the complex melodies of jazz with the energy of rock and, of course, the typical idol catchiness. They are seriously an impressive and underrated unit.

3) MAD JAMIE – Livehouse(e)na

The punk idols in MAD JAMIE have been on a roll lately, releasing one MV after another. There were two in June (the other one being “Kaneakese”), but I chose “Livehouse(e)na” because the catchy chorus is one of the best things I’ve listened to in June.

2) 我儘ラキア (Wagamama Rakia) – JOKER

Every time Wagamama Rakia release a new video, they always end up in these Top 10’s. “JOKER” blends a metal riff, a slightly dissonant verse, an almost pop/punk chorus and MIRI’s god-tier rap. And as if it wasn’t enough, they all look stunning in this colorful MV; even more than usual, I mean.

1) RAY – コハルヒ (Koharuhi)

Calm, soothing and slightly nostalgic shoegaze/dream pop is what you would expect from RAY, and that’s exactly what they bring us with their latest MV for “Koharuhi”. The filter used in the video gives some sort of teenage memories from the Eighties I’ve never lived vibes, which together with the song gets pretty dreamy and otherworldly. Great job as usual from this group.

Honorable Mentions



Chika Radar is back to introduce RED-i to us: the emotional rock idol unit recently released their first MV and will hold their debut live soon.

Didn’t you miss Chika Radar? Yeah, me too, although it’s mostly my fault that this column almost died. But let’s bring it back to life, thanks to a recently formed unit featuring some not-so-unknown members: RED-i.

At the beginning of this month, DLL.ENTERTAINMENT announced a new group, which was later revealed to be RED-i; the theme of this unit is emotional rock with red passion, and being red a color usually associated with passion and strong emotions, it makes sense. What’s even more interesting, however, is their line-up, which comprises six members and almost all of them are or have been in other fairly known groups:

  • Elu, representing yellow, a young idol who enjoys egosurfing
  • Conami, representing orange, a former member of their sister group Punky Rad Pink
  • Natsumi, representing purple, formerly in Nijiiro Fanfare
  • Rin, representing blue, in charge of rap and former member of Himegami Crisis
  • Ayaru, representing green, formerly in Nijiiro Fanfare as well
  • Kaho, representing white, also member of Zombie Powder


Aside from having an impressive and very good-looking line-up, RED-i also makes some nice music: they recently released their first MV for “Without You…”, which you can watch below to enjoy and their emotional rock sound. RED-i will also hold their debut live on the 9th of July, hopefully we can look forward for some releases after that.