メタモル!!! (METAMOL FOURZE) – Kimi no Onlywann! / Shinanaiwake / Getsyoubi Ga Hajimonday!!! / Heikoukuronosutashisu


METAMOL!!! quadruple feature! The foursome delivered four brand new singles throughout September: let’s catch up with ‘em!

It looks as though the future is quite bright for Metamolfourze, from a pop up shop collaboration to jam packed live shows and, most recently, four brand new singles showcasing the girls are still hard at work in coming up with new tunes. For those out of the loop, Metamolfourze — more commonly stylized as METAMOL!!! — is a four member group that debuted earlier this year featuring Aigasa Moe (ex-AKB48 and their producer), Hanasaki Funa (fashion designer for the brand MAHOROBA), Shabana Minami and Aise Hina. Their concept is that they’re a group that’s not limited to any set ideal and are constantly changing, hence the name being a play on the word “metamorphosis”. Back in July they released their debut album -tensei-, which I felt did a great job showcasing their limitless musicality and served as a strong introduction. Since then, they’ve released four singles throughout September, with the most recent one coming out September 29th.

First of the bunch is “Kimi no Onlywann!”, a bright and bubbly pop banger, released on September 6th. The funky beat is backed up by the girl’s charmingly cute voices, all of which carry distinctive tones. It does a good job in being catchy and sweet, making for a simple but effective tune.

The second, “Shinanaiwake”, came out on September 7th. This one leans more to the pop rock side with the girls showcasing a stronger vocal ability and range. Each member gets her own time to shine throughout, and I can’t help but feel like Funa especially does well in these kinds of songs with her deeper voice. Featuring a guitar solo before the bridge and an epic ending chorus, it does its job well.

“Getsyoubi Ga Hajimonday!!!” is the third single, arriving on September 7th. This time around the girls are having fun with the electropop genre. The verses have a bouncy feel to them, featuring a rap-styled pre chorus, before jumping right back into a dance worthy chorus. It’s got considerable speed over the previous singles, but much like the group’s chameleon nature, around the 2:50 mark the tempo is slowed (with some nice acoustic guitar notes), but gets right back up to speed shortly thereafter. While listening to this one I found myself bouncing in my seat — with such infectious energy, I’d have to say that so far this one’s a favorite.

The final single, released on the 29th of September, was “Heikoukuronosutashisu”. It’s got a bit of a math rock vibe to it, carried by the tone of the guitars. The vocals are softer in delivery but no less energetic, rather signifying this is a bit more of an emotional track. Again, Funa’s deeper tone does well here, but all the girls sound fantastic. The guitars are a real treat though with their fast and funky fretting. The solo that comes in at the 2:41 mark is especially cool. The introduction of piano in the bridge elevates the emotional vulnerability of the song before adding a key change to the final chorus. I absolutely loved this one, it’s definitely been added to a long list of favorites from these gals.

All in all, METAMOL!!! are absolutely a group worth checking out with their impressive range of musicality and their drive to constantly elevate their sound and image. I’m hoping another album is in the works, as anything from them would absolutely be worth waiting for. Until then feel free to catch up with the members on their socials and keep your eyes peeled for any new releases and events!

INUWASI – Chimera


Release the Beast: the idol group INUWASI returns with heaviness and positivity in the fittingly titled ep Chimera.

Having only debuted almost a year ago, the six member group INUWASI have a pretty sizable discography through the release of EPs. Today we bring their latest entry, aptly titled Chimera (since their official description is an idol group that speaks for the “hybrid raptor”, a being that consists of “dogs who can’t bite, eagles that can’t fly”), that contains a whirlwind of six hard hitting tracks sure to keep the crowds moving.

“Setsuna” kicks things off with a real heavy opening riff alongside two of the girls’ vocals and an ever so faint backing vocal before exploding into synth. Throughout the course of the song, each member gets a starring role in the chorus, showcasing a higher range of their vocal ability. At times it feels like the song is dancing on the metalcore side, coming full circle around the 2:57 mark with the slowly creeping breakdown. “Israfil” brings a bit more of a lighter feeling by comparison, though still playing in the hard rock field, containing a mix of English and Japanese lyrics beaming with positivity and the desire to stay true to yourself. The frenzied drum opening and super prominent bassline — which I love — keeps things quite hardcore.

“Monotonous”, the third track, keeps the mix of hard rock and digital effects going as well as that nice bass. The pre chorus is sure to get the listener geared up as everyone chants together, flowing right into a harmony as one once the chorus hits. Around the second verse we get a nice chugging rhythm going (almost feels a little mathcore inspired) that got my head bopping — then at the 2:45 mark the song takes a dramatic turn with an increased tempo that had an interesting doppler effect, like something was coming at you, before returning to its original beat for the final chorus. “Darkness” has a boss battle feel to it, bringing back the aggressive and frenzied vibe. The lyrics appear to be on the more melancholic end, but wishing for a way to break through from the darkness the girls are feeling (expressed frequently through English bits throughout). The lead vocal in the second chorus absolutely shines during her part through the power her voice carries. At 2:19 there’s a brief, but still sick, breakdown and the final chorus gets a key change.

“Reimei no Sora” has super cool glitch-like effects that get their own moments to shine, but overall retains the hard rock vibe with a bright feeling. The chanting throughout is sure to have spirits raised and fists pumping at a live show — in the final round before the song ends, you get a little bit of the harmonies at work as the girls take over themselves and the instrumental stops. The final song, “Axenxion”, has an opening that was reminiscent, for me at least, of Bring Me The Horizon’s “Kingslayer”. Much like the rest of the album, it’s got a hard sound with an upbeat feeling about it, featuring a bridge solely in English. The key change at the end, followed with a nice guitar lead, brings everything to a fun and headbang-worthy close.

Overall, INUWASI continue to solidify themselves in the rock idol world with the release of Chimera, as well as solidifying their sound direction. Being as young of a group as they are, it makes one hopeful to see how far they go — and something tells me these girls have the energy and sound to be huge.

On the Treat Super Season – OSS: First Flash Paranoia

On the Treat Super Season

On the Treat Super Season’s debut EP OSS: First Flash Paranoia is full of boundless energy, style and… sushi!

We’ve covered quite a few debuts this year, from DAREMO SHIRANAI. to Metamolfourze, and this next group should certainly be on the check out radar. On the Treat Super Season are a six member group — who just recently had their debut live as of August 4th — specializing in a digital hardcore sound. Their debut single, Shake It Now!!!!!!, came out on July 23rd, serving as a precursor to their debut EP scheduled for release on the 30th: OSS: First Flash Paranoia. Containing six songs and clocking in at 20 minutes in length, this blitzkrieg of a release is sure to keep your attention and put a little pep in your step.

Track one, the aforementioned “Shake It Now!!!!!!” immediately kicks off at a breakneck pace with a beat akin to Undertale’s “Megalovania” (so much so that I thought it was sampled at first). The girls come into the verses with rapper-like deliveries, with lyrics I assume serve as an introduction to the group as a whole. At the 2:14 mark, there’s a very brief moment of calm with the introduction of a flute that returns towards the end of the song and actually ends up mixing super well with the high impact, boss battle music. “Super Show”, the follow up, retains the digital hardcore energy, the vocals jumping between ensamble arrangements and solo sections. The guitars have a sweet, chugging consistency, something that rears right into the forefront when a metalcore-esque breakdown hits at 1:40.

“Heartbeat” opens with an air of calm before melting into a hard rock sound with the electronica accents taking a back seat but not completely excluded. While the second and third verses are heavier in sound than the choruses — and all done in a rap style — they don’t contrast too much from the original feel of the song. There’s also the inclusion of what appears to be a horn instrument (though at times, for me, it also sounded like a violin?) at the end of the first and last choruses. “Brand New Days” brings the digital accents back into the forefront. There’s a lot of ensemble vocal work in this one, which is always fun and brings about a great whirlwind of high energy. Amongst the chaos there’s a slowed section at 2:05 with members taking turns between their lines as it builds back up with electricity — and the small section of a member talking to Siri was a cute feature.

“Sushilove” is the stand out song on the EP for me, a catchy metal banger about… well, sushi! There’s tons of fun switch ups in the vocal delivery of this song, from chants to spoken sections and more; the chorus itself brings in some pop elements while retaining the ferocity of the guitars and drums backing the girls’ vocals. Towards the end there’s the return of the metalcore breakdown with the slowed, chugging beat, wrapping it all up real nicely. I also thought the heart emojis in the lyrics were a super cute touch.

“Run” is the final song on the album but it certainly goes out with a bang as there’s no breaks at all on the OSS hardcore train. The song feels like a callback to the first track in it’s mix of hard rock and hip hop in the verses, while the chorus itself has more of a pop feel to it. The energy of the song really does feel like you’re running with the breakneck pace it takes off at. Once more, everyone comes together throughout the verses and chorus, really solidifying the cohesive and harmonious nature of the members.

For a first effort, it seems like OSS know their musical identity and have a strong desire to stick to it, which is great when you’re starting out. Considering that they’re also such a young group, the future looks promising — it’ll be interesting to see what they go for next!

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