SARI – Paraiso

Dreamy, psychedelic Sari: the alt-pop soloist continues her mystical, musical journey with her new single Paraiso.

SARI has had quite the interesting musical career, something definitely worth watching as she blossomed into a shining soloist, releasing singles, EPs and hosting live shows in her wake (with one just recently in Sweden!). Today’s single review will be documenting just that from her November 6th release, Paraiso.

The song opens with a mixture of trippy synth and SARI’s soft, pleasant vocal harmony. Her tone takes on a light and softer touch throughout the track, melding well with the blips of digitalization, piano and dream pop soundscapes. The feeling of the track reminds me a lot of Blank Banshee’s most recent album Gaia in a way, with the natural imagery of the single’s artwork and the chill vibe. The vocal layering is great as well, I feel like it really helps bring in the experimental direction of the song particularly in the chorus with the different lines coming together. There’s a brief section of guitar and a cool, snazzy bassline that comes in at the last minute of the song. It’s a pretty quick listen though, coming in at just short of 3 minutes (2:49 total). However, it’s pleasant nonetheless.

Since we’re only covering one single today, this review is brief, and I tried my best to really get in my thoughts on the track based on the notes I wrote. I’m hoping we get another EP, or better yet an album, from SARI soon. Her solo career has been one of my favorites when it comes to idols I like thanks to her unique sound and visuals. The next review, however, will be a pretty big one, so I’ll see you all then!

TOP 10 IDOL MV – November 2021

TOP 10 IDOL MV - November 2021

Having just entered December, we are almost at the end of the year and this is the last Top 10 we’ll publish in 2021 (the next one will come at the beginning of next month as usual). So let’s take a look at November’s best MV’s!

10) 15GERM – フラウ (Frau)

November gave us many 15GERM MV’s, so let’s include at least one in this list. Despite being an electro-pop song (as expected from them), the ah-ah thing in “PARADISE” made my thing of the wooh-ooh stuff in Blur’s “Song 2”. Not that it matters, but I can’t really take this comparison out of my head.

9) プシュケとラーガ (Psyche And Raga) – Stray’s Banquet

Our favorite psychedelic rock idols Psyche And Raga are back with their new MV for “Stray’s Banquet”. Their everchanging line-up has been reduced to three members now, but their awesomeness is still there among guitar solos, organ melodies and a otherworldly atmosphere.

8) unknown – 何億光年先の星 (Nan’okukōnen-saki No Hoshi)

“Nan’okukōnen-saki No Hoshi” is a great song from unknown, with quiete eerie and slightly dark sounds on top of their intense rock music. It features a lot of interesting elements in both the intrumentals and the vocals, often in a choir-like style.


In case you needed some new digital hardcore stuff, ASP are here for you bringing “NO REASON” with them. Fast and distorted drum beats, a powerful bass, aggressive electric guitars, and of course the girls’ vocals: do you really need anything else?


BLACKNAZARENE‘s rock sound is something I’ll always enjoy, despite not being my favorite idol genre. “URGE” is a nice song following their usual style, balancing the power of rock with some pop catchiness, and that’s exactly why I like it.

5) SARI – Paraiso

Another paradise-themed song? Of course, we can’t leave SARI out of this list. With “Paraiso”, this incredible artist gives us a very dreamy approach to pop music: a perfect sound for her unique artistic sense. That bass is awesome anyway, and it gets even better with everything else around it.

4) Malcolm Mask McLaren – Try&Try

While it’s true that punk idols are alwyas a lot of fun, Malcolm Mask McLaren are probably the ones who bring the most fun with their music. Combining a good amount of energy with some catchiness, “Try&Try” is a very enjoyable and well-done song, with interesting guitar riffs and bass lines.

3) Bon Club – 祭りの夜に (Matsuri No Yoru Ni)

Bon Club are one of the groups that you almost forget, until they come up with a new song or video which makes you think how did I forget about this? With an almost psychedelic atmosphere, “Matsuri No Yoru Ni” brings back the unique sound of this duo which deserved to be mentioned in this Top 10.

2) ぜんぶ君のせいだ。 (Zenbukiminoseida.) – SCAR SIGN

I’m always happy when Zenbukiminoseida. goes hard, and this time things got quite hard. The group dive right into an intense alternative metal sound with “SCAR SIGN”, featuring very fast drumming (that double kick is unstoppable) and dissonant guitars.

1) みんなのこどもちゃん (Minna No Kodomo-Chan) – 明滅する世界 (Meimetsu Suru Sekai)

There is no doubt about who made the weirdest MV last month: Minna No Kodomo-Chan totally deserved the first place. Bizarre doesn’t even begin to describe “Meimetsu Suru Sekai”, but let me just tell you that this may be the creepiest industrial metal song I’ve ever heard. And let’s not talk about the video, since it’s probably cursed or something.

Honorable Mentions

SARI: First Solo Live

Sari - First Live
After having left Necronomidol, Sari begins her solo adventure showing off all of her artistic, aesthetic and musical soul in her first concert.
For people following the alt-idol scene, Sari doesn’t need introductions, but let’s make a short summary for the few who don’t have never heard of her: original member of Necronomidol, known for her unusual look including green hair, a whiter than snow make up and a spider on her cheek. After leaving the group at the beginning of this year, in August she released a new song on her new YouTube channel titled “Kyusai” with a painting also made by her. Finally, in September, we got a video of her first live show.

Corpse-like make up, not anymore: in this new artistic form, Sari wears a gaudy red dress and is accompanied by a big Moon in the background; visually, it almost looks like a Japanese version of the awesome Björk, where an outside the box — and, for this reason, fascinating — artistic sense takes control of the stage.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but Sari seems to be at ease with experimental electronic stuff, just like the Icelendic singer: “Kokyu” and “Mawaru” — created with Soejima Takuma — are two songs in which the emotional performance of the vocalist works with complex beats and unusual melodies; it’s a sound in which there are not many elements, but they are used to fill every available space.

On the other hand, “Kyusai” sounds very different: Kei Toriki offers a more introspective kind of music, some sort of dark and nocturnal post-rock; unlike the usual evolution of a song of this genre, there no crescendos or emotional bursts, leaving everything in the hands of the more quiet and reflective parts. Sparse rhythms and reverberating guitar notes dominate the scene and give way to Sari to use her voice and make the song more mysterious

Finally, I can’t really judge “Nissha”: the song doesn’t sound bad and in some way fits into the context, despite the retro-sounding pop-rock by ODoLow which may sound out of place at first glance; however, it’s like Sari hasn’t made this song her own yet and encounters some small troubles singing the emotionally strong chorus.

Nevertheless, it’s a great debut show for an artist that seems to have a lot to say through her art, especially now that she’s free from the way every group works and can express herself with no restraints and in her own way. It wil be interesting to see how Sari career will evolve; for now, we can just wait with our mouths watering.