Scramble Scratch: the second life of Scribble Scritch

Scramble Scratch

Scramble Scratch represents the new incarnation of Scribble Scritch; we really missed this idol unit, so let’s welcome the four girls of the new line-up.

Remember Scribble Scritch? The review of their DROP single was one of the first articles featured on this website, and right after publishing they weren’t there anymore. Sad memories aside, the group came back with a new name and a new line-up which we already half-know.

I’m talking about the two girls in HANAMUKE, Yuni and Tsubura, which also joined the second incarnation of this idol unit; together with them, we have two new entries: Niina and Chihiro complete the new line-up of the idols formerly known as Scribble Scritch, which are now called Scramble Scratch.

As all the groups coming from Shindentsu Production, they already showed a lot of potential and a very interesting theme behind their music. Scramble Scratch also uploaded an introduction video on their channel, so let’s say hello to them.

  • Scramble Scratch - Yuni
    Scramble Scratch - Yuni
  • Scramble Scratch - Tsubura
    Scramble Scratch - Tsubura
  • Scramble Scratch - Neina
    Scramble Scratch - Neina
  • Scramble Scratch - Chihiro
    Scramble Scratch - Chihiro

HANAMUKE – 朝日の深呼吸 (Asahi No Shinkokyū)

The second MV by HANAMUKE shows that this underground techno idol duo is steadily growing into an interesting unit; thumbs up for Shindentsu Production!
As I’ve already said when I talked about Scribble Scritch’s DROP single, HANAMUKE seems to be a fascinating unit: differently from their colleagues’ — which, apparently, they are actually part of now — rock-ish vibes, they’re more into some kind of electronic music, as shown in their second MV for “朝日の深呼吸” (Asahi No Shinkokyū).

The self-defined underground techno idol duo brings us a slightly nostalgic song, with a melancholic melody finding its way throughout the whole song and combining with the dynamic and pressing rhythm which suggests more positive and hope-filled feelings. Some synths sound like they belong to a different music era, especially with that 80s-inspired melody towards the end of the song. While the instrumentals are not really cheerful, the two girls’ vocals — although a bit amateurish — manage to make you smile turning “朝日の深呼吸” into a brighter song.

This track has already been performed at HANAMUKE‘s live shows and you can see that these idols are enjoying singing and dancing on it; their audience also seems to be into their performance, clapping their hands and watching the girls with interest. I can clearly see why people enjoy this song, even if it doesn’t sound very party-like.

First with “うそだって” (Uso Datte) and now with “朝日の深呼吸”, HANAMUKE are steadily growing into a very interesting idol unit which we need to keep an eye on. Shindentsu Production is surely doing a great job in creating unconventional and unique idols.

Scribble Scritch – DROP (Type A)

Scribble Scritch
DROP is the first ep by Scribble Scritch, Osaka idol trio managed by Shindentsu Production; these four songs show all of the group’s pure rock energy.
Popular music has been evolving for a lot of time now, especially since 1900s. Every decade had its own styles developing and pushing it in many different directions. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna write a boring essay about it: there is no reason for doing it, since Scribble Scritch pretty much sums up a good part of the evolution of music in the second half of the 20th century.

Now I’m exaggerating a little, but it’s true that this Osaka idols are inspired by many styles emerged in different times. The group mentions 60s girls pop, 70s punk, 80s new wave and 90s Manchester sound to describe their sound and — guess what — that’s not too far-fetched.

Just feel the dirty vibes emerging from “Drop” in spite of such traditional idol-like aesthetics, this is pure punk rock energy; also, I can’t get enough of those sci-fi sound effects. “Jetcoaster Is Love Life” sounds less filthy and — as the title suggests — quite romantic, leaning towards a more refined and relaxed kind of rock of the past decades. Scribble Scritch are like a musical time machine, so much that they even bring a Hammond organ in “Koi No Frisbee Again”; and we have yet to talk about the vocals, which often remind of those girls group from the 60s, as shown in “Tell Me Why?”.

Shindentsu Production is doing a great job with all their groups — go say hello to Hanamuke and Electric Hearts as well, if you haven’t done it yet; I honestly can’t wait to see what else they are going to release, but for now we can enjoy Scribble Scritch‘s awesome music.