CHIKA RADAR #26: coboreru

CHIKA RADAR #26: coboreru

Chika Radar is back to bring us coboreru, a ska/punk idol quartet produced by DAICHI’s McDog works which recently debuted.

The idol scene may have been penalized by the ongoing pandemic, but some people can’t seem to be stopped even by a virus infecting the whole world. If you have been round the alt-idol thing for a while, you have probably heard of a guy named DAICHI: groups like Guso Drop, 2&, CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL and Himegoto Zettaichi should ring a bell, right? His agency McDog works has more groups on its roster and every now and then a new one pops up. So let’s get to know coboreru.

The unit’s line-up features four members:

Last month, the group held their debut live show and released their first single, allowing us to listen to their music. So let’s start from the single “Flow In”.

Catchy vocal lines, upbeat guitar riffs and rhythm and a brass section: yes, that’s some really good ska/punk. The chorus and the brass melodies are especially great, blending the genre with the usual idolish sound we all love.

With their debut live, they showed us some more songs, mostly in the same vein and equally enjoyable; besides “Flow In”, I especially liked the final one “シンチエーション”. In any case, the four girls put on a great show; you can watch it too below, thanks to LIVE IDOL STAGE.

The groups produced by DAICHI are usually very nice and coboreru is no exception: judging from the few things they released, they will probably bring us som good idol music in the future.


Header Chika Radar #3 BAMBi
If you have ever wondered how a ska idol unit would sound, Chika Radar brought some good news: meet BAMBi, who is here to give us some hints.
Long time ago, I had my first first meeting with ska music through some bands mixing it with punk rock (Punkreas, anyone?); I’ve already mentioned how I got into alternative music thanks to punk stuff and at that time I wasn’t really into trumpets and stuff, so I kinda lost my chance to delve into the genre. And now here I am, talking about ska idols BAMBi in the third chapter of the Chika Radar series.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the SKA iDOL-PROJECT for a while and I already heard another song by BAMBi, but let’s talk a bit about them since we have this new video. The YouTube channel contains videos of different groups, meaning that they have been trying this ska idol thing for a while; BAMBi seems to be a young unit, so let’s hope they won’t disband before doing anything worth of attention.

About the song titled “BULL”, it sounds like a pop-infused version of ska; it’s very traditional idol-ish and definitely contains j-pop influences, but you can also feel some ska vibes thanks to the brass melodies here and there. It’s a very catchy mix and it seems to be able to work, but for some reason it never got big until now. Maybe this time they’ll make it?

BAMBi has yet to grow, but I personally hope that we’ll be able to get some good ska idol stuff. The guys working with them are probably huge fans of the genre, now they need to channel their enthusiasm through their idols.