CHIKA RADAR #28: MystericGirl

CHIKA RADAR #28: MystericGirl

MystericGirl hasn’t released anything yet, but from their live shows they look very promising. Let’s get to know these idols with Chika Radar.

As you should already know, Chika Radar usually intercepts unknown signals from new unidentified entities; in other words, it’s all about newborn idol units. This time, though, the group we are going to talk about has been around for more than one year; despite this, there are no MVs, singles or any kind of releases from them yet. That’s why, as always, we have to thank iColony for allowing us to see high quality live videos from these obscure idols. Anyway, it’s time to talk about MystericGirl.

First of all, they are under Cmajor Works; I’m saying this immediately because they are not even mentioned on the units section of their website, which confused me a bit when I started searching informations about them. The group’s first line-up has been unveiled in August 2020 and they gave off strongly dark-tinged vibes; while their sound is not that dark, they definitely lean towards that side of the music world and their aesthetics is gothic-like as well.

Currently, MystericGirl features five members:

  • ハルカ (Haruka), in charge of green
  • 四葉ひより (Yotsuba Hiyori), in charge of yellow
  • 有栖れあ (Arisu Rea), in charge of violet
  • 椿あやね (Tsubaki Ayane), in charge of orange
  • 藤白ねむ。 (Fujishiro Nemu), in charge of blue


The group has been quite active with their live shows and, thanks to iColony, we get to see their performance at GOTANDA G2 of last August.

As we said before, they a slightly dark idol unit, but they also feature the usual idol music catchiness in their vocal lines. Their intense and emotional rock/metal sound is often enriched by symphonic elements and gothic-like vibes; the result of this combination perfectly matches their aesthetics with black and refined outfits. On a side note, I love those bass parts they have here and there.

The only thing I need from them now is a release of any kind and in any format, from a digital single to a full length CD anything goes. I’m begging you, guys at Cmajor Works: let me support them and listen to their music.

PEDIOPHOBIA – ペディオフォビア (Pediophobia)

Pediophobia’s first MV for their self-titled song “ペディオフォビア” introduces a doll-themed idol unit making use of gothic and neo-classical sound and aesthetics.
Right before Christmas, Santa brought us a little gift: a new doll-themed idol unit was born and — after unveiling their four members — immediately released their first MV. Ladies & gentlemen, please welcome Pediophobia, whose apparently disturbing name is actually disturbing and means fear of dolls.

The doll theme is quite evident from both the aesthetics and the music: “ペディオフォビア” — their self-titled song — sounds very elegant, making use of majestic neo-classical elements on top of a fast-rhythmed and quite energic rock foundation which gets almost overwhelmed by the symphonic instruments, yet manages to appear clearly present; the gothic-like costumes of these porcelain-skinned idols is a perfect match for their music, enhancing the gracefulness of the group together with an imagery made of music boxes, fans and aristocratic-looking furniture.

Although this is their first MV, everything looks well produced in every single detail. The setting of the video is awesome as well, charming and slightly ominous at the same time, reminding of an ancient abandoned royal palace. You can also see how the four members really look the part, perfectly representing cursed but also cute living dolls and integrating the two different aspects — the more rock one and the neo-classical one — of the song.

More than fear, my feeling towards these dolls are of interest and curiosity. Pediophobia‘s sound and appearance are on point and it seems like they can evolve into a very enjoyable unit. On a more personal note, Coai’s presence here is more than enough of a reason to worship this group.