KNOW YOUR IDOL #5: Zombie Powder

Zombie Powder
The Know Your Idol series is back with another interview: this time we’ll get to know Zombie Powder, an idol quintet whose punk music brings in a lot of different influences. As always, special thanks to Idol Underworld.
Another interview, another punk group: Zombie Powder‘s music is actually more than simply punk, but the freedom through which they draw from metal, ska and many other genres is the essence of punk. We didn’t have many chances to talk about this group since I created this website, but they absolutely deserve more attention.

In this interview, we’ll get to know the five members of this unit, talking about their tastes in music, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and their thoughts on both themselves and the idol scene. Enjoy the interview!

Ok, new life goal: bringing Zombie Powder (along with other idols) in Italy. Let’s make Italy not only the land of pizza, but also the land of idols. Because idols and pizza may be the best combo ever.