TOP 10 IDOL MV – September 2020

Top 10 Idol MV: September 2020

September is gone, putting an end to summer as well; IdolOnChaos also celebrated its first year of activity. Isn’t it a good chance to start another new thing? Starting this month, we are going to have a monthly chart of the Top 10 idol MVs. Are you ready? Let’s go.

10) 韻ふめ!どーぷちゃん (Infume! Dope-Chan) – Another Day

I may be biased towards them, but I always enjoy some new music from 韻ふめ!どーぷちゃん (Infume! Dope-Chan). Mixing pop and hip-hop, “Another Day” is a quiet song with an atmosphere perfectly represented by the shores of the video, featuring both melancholy and hope in the light of the setting sun.

9) CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL – 偶像少女B2F (Gūzō Shōjo B2F)

“偶像少女” (Gūzō Shōjo B2F) is not your average MV: it’s almost a short movie interweaving with live shots of the group, even with the music starting after a 90 seconds long intro. CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL tries to tell a story with their rock sound as its soundtrack, and it works perfectly.

8) 激情リフレイン (Gekizyou Refrain) – 逆転カラフリズム (Gyakuten Colorfulism)

When a group at its debut releases a song this good, you can’t help but listen to it at least once a day for a month. The first MV by 激情リフレイン (Gekizyou Refrain) brings us some good powerful metal music with two harsh vocalists providing a good amount of aggressiveness.

7) TENRIN – アーティファクト (Artifact)

TENRIN is a very promising unit and “アーティファクト” (Artifact) is a perfect example of their greatness. Their melodic alternative metal sound with just a tiny bit of post-rock is really enjoyable, not to mention the nice vocals of the five girls. I have high expectations for this group and they are not disappointing me.

6) The Grateful a MogAAAz – もっと燃えて生きたいもんだぜ (Motto moete ikitai monda ze)

Industrial rock idols sounds like a cool concept and The Grateful a MogAAAz proved it with their latest MV. Mechanical beats, acid synths and electric guitars blend together in “もっと燃えて生きたいもんだぜ” (Motto moete ikitai monda ze), while the girls fight with each other like in those good old martial arts movies.

5) meme tokyo. – スーサイド ボーダレス (SUICIDE BORDERLESS)

When it comes to weirdness, meme tokyo. are getting one of the strongest units; and at the same time, they sound really catchy. “SUICIDE BORDERLESS” may be described like a chaotic pop song, featuring slapped bass lines, mind-blowing electronic effects and melodic vocal lines.

4) ZSASZ – ときどきひかる (Tokidoki Hikaru)

While it’s not really the most unique video ever, I can assure you that you’ll find yourself watching the laser lights of “ときどきひかる” (Tokidoki Hikaru) many, many times over. Put them together with the five astonishing girls of Zsasz and a song mixing genres ranging from post-hardcore to hip-hop and you’ll see why.

3) PIGGS – クマンバチの独白 (Kumanbachi No Dokuhaku)

It wouldn’t be fair to exclude the new group created by the queen of alt-idol herself, Pour Lui. PIGGS deliver a very intense and catchy punk song with a really enjoyable hook, together with a one shot camera video showing all of the girls’ energy.

2) 始発待ちアンダーグラウンド (Shihatsu-Machi Underground) – ハレルヤ (Hallelujah)

We talked about this one before, so it’s only natural to mention it again in this Top 10. Shihatsu-Machi Underground take the psychedelic aspect of their sound to another level, literally forcing our minds to travel through unknown dimensions. The video is also very weird, which is a good reason to consider it as one of the best MVs of September.

1) NECRONOMIDOL – santa sangre

Not really surprising considering what they did, but NECRONOMIDOL‘s latest MV totally deserves the first place of this chart. The 80s synth pop with some hard rock hints of “Santa Sangre” combined with a video of four girls trapped in a bathroom going crazy and killing each other is priceless. Creepy and bloody as hell.

That was all for September; of course, you can find more videos in the Idol-Tube section. See you next month for another Top 10!

Zsasz – Zsasz


The debut ep of Zsasz, the idol unit produced by Utsu-P, features one original song and four re-recorded Vocaloid tracks, and it’s seriously awesome.

For DC Comics fans, Zsasz is one the most evil enemies of Batman; for idol fans, it’s one of the most surprising units which came out last year. If you’re a fan of both, well… choose one. I recommend the latter.

Only a few group managed to hit me as hard as them with a debut song; honestly, “ピーターピーター” (Peter Peter) is probably one of the best debug songs I’ve ever heard. When you hear something like this from a newcomer unit you start wondering who is behind the project; and then you read the name of the infamous Vocaloid producer 鬱P (Utsu-P) who came up with the idea of creating an idol group. And he even kept some of the virtual singers’ vocals here and there. That’s seriously awesome.

Not as awesome as Zsasz‘s first ep though, which consists of five songs of which four were originally Vocaloid tracks, except “ピーターピーター”. In just twenty minutes, the group shows off some of the most solid and expressive vocals I’ve recently heard in the idol scene; put them on Utsu-P’s aggressive, melodic and at times bizarre alternative metal sound and you’ll get the idea of what this album sounds like.

The songs themselves are nothing short of incredible, from the composition to the production; Utsu-P enjoys getting a little bit of weirdness here end there, sometimes drawing in circus-like music and merging it together with Japanese scale melodies, but even putting these quirks aside their songwriting is top-notch. You’ll find yourself listening to these songs like in loop starting from “食事” (Shokuji), not being able to stop until your ears start bleeding. Which never happens, by the way, since “ぬいぐるみになりたい” (Nuigurumi Ni Naritai) is such a great track that you’ll forcefully stop any drop of blood just to give this ep one more listen.

I’m being serious: I’ve probably listened to this 20-minute album like fifty times in a few days and I’m not even remotely getting tired of it; how could you get tired of listening to “麺屋ぐろてすく” (Menya Grotesque)? This speaks a lot for how awesome Zsasz, Utsu-P and this album are.

Needless to say, this is a group we’ll need to keep an eye on. In case you don’t believe me, go give them a listen or buy a copy on Idol Underworld (hopefully it will get re-stocked).