TOP 10 IDOL MV – October 2021

TOP 10 IDOL MV - October 2021

Spooky month is over and left us with a huge amount of good MVs; I expected some scary stauff, but unfortunately there are no ghosts or witches here. Not that I’m really complaining, since there so many good videos. Believe me, it wasn’t easy at all to choose the best ones. Anyway, let’s take a look at the Top 10 of October!

10) ミームトーキョー (meme tokyo) – ROAR

Spooktober’s Top 10 starts off with meme tokyo and their MV for “ROAR” which, despite its title, is not that aggressive. The old school hip-hop-inspired sound, however, is definitely interesting and it actually get a bit more intense during the chorus, with an almost metal guitar riff in the background.

9) クロスノエシス (CROSSNOESIS) – awake

Don’t be fooled by the nice piano notes at the beginning: “awake” gets pretty heavy very soon. CROSSNOESIS get quite intense with their electronic sound on this song, with powerful drums and synths which in some parts would had made me headbang, if I didn’t have a stiff neck. In any case, the night-themed video is cool as well.

8) クレイビット (craveit) – Tap Tap Tap!

If you ever thought that we needed some electro-swing idols, here they are. With “Tap Tap Tap!”, craveit make us dance on brass and piano melodies combined with dynamic bass lines and a pretty powerful kick drum. Exactly what you would expect from electro-swing idols, right?

7) ぜんぶ君のせいだ。 (Zenbukiminoseida.) – Heavenlyheaven

We already talked about “Heavenlyheaven” before, so you should already know how nice the lastest single by Zenbukiminoseida. sounds. I just want to add the the video is cool as well, fully endorsing the yami-kawaii aesthetics. Honestly, I haven’t been too much into them after the most recent line-up changes, but this song made me change my mind a little bit.

6) YUP YUP – Blue Baton

If you thought that this Top 10 may have been city pop-free, you were wrong. On “Blue Baton”, the two girls in YUP YUP enrich it with some hip-hop vibes, and the result doesn’t sound half bad. If you enjoy the style, you will surely like this song too.

5) シンダーエラ (Cinder Ella) – YHWH

It’s said that every time post-rock comes up in the alt-idol scene, good things happen; “YHWH” proves that actually great things happen. It’s not the first time that Cinder Ella takes element from this genre, but this time the combination of their delicate vocals with the emotionally intense music is greater than ever.


It’s nice to see some idol groups delving into alternative and extreme styles even outside Japan. The Indonesian unit SAY!WON! went straight into the melodic death metal genre with “DANDELION”, which is a very nice song featuring lots of harsh vocals, together with clean ones.

3) 神使轟く、激情の如く。 (Shingeki) – オキシバギー (Oxybuggy)

I love when Shingeki go crazy. Which happens fairly often, to be honest. “Oxybuggy” may not be their catchiest song (chorus aside, as usual), but the way it goes from an EDM-y part to a brutal breakdown will make you fall in love with it. I mean, isn’t it how it’s been working with them lately?

2) Zsasz – おたくのうた (Otaku No Uta)

For their second anniversary, Zsasz released a new MV for “Otaku No Uta”: a fun song combining heavy guitars, fast drum rhythms but also some happy synth melodies and, of course, great vocals from the five girls. As for the video, being this the otaku song, you can more or less imagine what to expect… or maybe not.

1) PassCode – Freely

The MV for “Freely” is our first chance to see how the new PassCode line-up featuring Emily works. As much as we all loved Yuna, there is nothing to complain about the new screamer as well. The song is definitely a banger and it’s already one of my favorites from this group, as it brings out all the things of their electronic/metal style.

Honorable Mentions

Zsasz – ⸮: Percontation Point

Zsasz - ⸮: Percontation Point

The five member idol unit Zsasz brings hardcore and fun alongside new tracks and remakes in their debut album ⸮: Percontation Point.

If you’re familiar with the world of Vocaloid, then you’ve probably heard of the legendary producer Utsu-P, known for giving Hatsune Miku some of the hardest hitting metal tracks in the game. Perhaps it may shock you, much like it shocked me, to find that he’s also the producer of a five-piece idol group known as Zsasz. Composed of members Saku, Tim Vincent, Shuugetsu Shino, Nagase Ritsu and Rom, they debuted in 2019 and dropped their first EP, the self-titled Zsasz, at the beginning of 2020. Back in March, they dropped their first full length album ⸮: Percontation Point.

The album has a run time of 40 minutes and features 11 tracks, with five new songs and six being remakes of the songs they released on their first EP. It opens with “Z Alert”, a short track that plays air raid sirens with a robotic voice instructing the listener that you’re about to bear witness to something never seen before, and Zsasz will be the group to bring the house down. The overall aura feels mighty threatening, and closes with a reminder on how the world is constantly changing; either you get with it or get left behind. The song that follows is “Kawaii Nankaii”, a blistering mix containing elements of hip hop, symphonics and hard rock. The verses are half sung and half rapped, with members taking turns together in singing the chorus and bearing the question: “what’re you gonna do with your life?”.

Next up is “Tokidoki Hikaru”, a song that blends electronica with metalcore (it reminded me a lot of early I See Stars). Once again the girls swap between singing and rapping in the verses, and the chorus carries an infectious sing-along power. One pleasant surprise was some screamed vocals in the second verse from member Ritsu, something she periodically brings throughout the remainder of the album.

Fans of the group will recognize “Syokuji (2021 Version)”, which was originally featured on their first release. This features some updated vocals and what sounds like, to me, an updated sound carried by some extra guitar work. The song is packed full of high energy that makes you want to scream along. “Obaka no Pop” evokes a happy feeling in its EDM stylings, and really does serve as the song with the heaviest “pop” elements, even with the chugging guitars and fast drum work. The higher vocal ranges of the girls really shine in this song as well.

The following tracks are all part of the remakes. “Menya Grotesque (2021 Version)”, one of my favorites, mixes traditional instrumentation with some good ol’ heavy metal. The chorus is simple and effective, the screamed bits at 2:35 add the right touch of edge, and we see more rapped verses. “Peter Peter (2021 version)” opens with a very chaotic, almost carnival-like atmosphere, before swapping for a digital hardcore sound.

“Kanbanmusume No Warufuzake (2021 Version)” follows in a similar vein to “Menya” in its usage of traditional elements and metal, though it’s a little more subdued. There’s a great guitar solo at the 2:13 mark that almost borders on a polka style. “Ikiteru Obake Ha Ikiteiru (2021 Version)” opens with synth and an absolutely sick guitar, and interestingly flip-flops between metalcore in the verses and what feels like power metal in the chorus. The screamed vocals are heavy in this track, which I absolutely loved, making for an enjoyably wild ride.

“Massive Emoji”, an original track, sees a lot of action going on in the verses with shouts and singing (I think there’s some screaming in the back, though it’s very faint). The breakdown almost teeters into djent territory, which was a super cool touch! It’s one of the shorter songs on the album but still manages to get a lot done, and done fairly well.

And finally, we have “Nuigurumi Ni Naritai (2021 Version)”, a hard rock track with galloping guitars, bells and touches of electronica that really brighten the song’s mood. For me, the song brought about quite an interesting feeling, like I was watching the credits of an ending scene of a movie. This was probably brought on by the song’s placement, but it felt satisfying as a finisher.

All in all, fans of Zsasz will enjoy the new tracks and the fresh takes on older tunes, while newcomers will be welcomed into a whole new world. As they’re still a young group, I greatly anticipate what moves they’ll be making in the future.

TOP 10 IDOL MV – September 2020

Top 10 Idol MV: September 2020

September is gone, putting an end to summer as well; IdolOnChaos also celebrated its first year of activity. Isn’t it a good chance to start another new thing? Starting this month, we are going to have a monthly chart of the Top 10 idol MVs. Are you ready? Let’s go.

10) 韻ふめ!どーぷちゃん (Infume! Dope-Chan) – Another Day

I may be biased towards them, but I always enjoy some new music from 韻ふめ!どーぷちゃん (Infume! Dope-Chan). Mixing pop and hip-hop, “Another Day” is a quiet song with an atmosphere perfectly represented by the shores of the video, featuring both melancholy and hope in the light of the setting sun.

9) CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL – 偶像少女B2F (Gūzō Shōjo B2F)

“偶像少女” (Gūzō Shōjo B2F) is not your average MV: it’s almost a short movie interweaving with live shots of the group, even with the music starting after a 90 seconds long intro. CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL tries to tell a story with their rock sound as its soundtrack, and it works perfectly.

8) 激情リフレイン (Gekizyou Refrain) – 逆転カラフリズム (Gyakuten Colorfulism)

When a group at its debut releases a song this good, you can’t help but listen to it at least once a day for a month. The first MV by 激情リフレイン (Gekizyou Refrain) brings us some good powerful metal music with two harsh vocalists providing a good amount of aggressiveness.

7) TENRIN – アーティファクト (Artifact)

TENRIN is a very promising unit and “アーティファクト” (Artifact) is a perfect example of their greatness. Their melodic alternative metal sound with just a tiny bit of post-rock is really enjoyable, not to mention the nice vocals of the five girls. I have high expectations for this group and they are not disappointing me.

6) The Grateful a MogAAAz – もっと燃えて生きたいもんだぜ (Motto moete ikitai monda ze)

Industrial rock idols sounds like a cool concept and The Grateful a MogAAAz proved it with their latest MV. Mechanical beats, acid synths and electric guitars blend together in “もっと燃えて生きたいもんだぜ” (Motto moete ikitai monda ze), while the girls fight with each other like in those good old martial arts movies.

5) meme tokyo. – スーサイド ボーダレス (SUICIDE BORDERLESS)

When it comes to weirdness, meme tokyo. are getting one of the strongest units; and at the same time, they sound really catchy. “SUICIDE BORDERLESS” may be described like a chaotic pop song, featuring slapped bass lines, mind-blowing electronic effects and melodic vocal lines.

4) ZSASZ – ときどきひかる (Tokidoki Hikaru)

While it’s not really the most unique video ever, I can assure you that you’ll find yourself watching the laser lights of “ときどきひかる” (Tokidoki Hikaru) many, many times over. Put them together with the five astonishing girls of Zsasz and a song mixing genres ranging from post-hardcore to hip-hop and you’ll see why.

3) PIGGS – クマンバチの独白 (Kumanbachi No Dokuhaku)

It wouldn’t be fair to exclude the new group created by the queen of alt-idol herself, Pour Lui. PIGGS deliver a very intense and catchy punk song with a really enjoyable hook, together with a one shot camera video showing all of the girls’ energy.

2) 始発待ちアンダーグラウンド (Shihatsu-Machi Underground) – ハレルヤ (Hallelujah)

We talked about this one before, so it’s only natural to mention it again in this Top 10. Shihatsu-Machi Underground take the psychedelic aspect of their sound to another level, literally forcing our minds to travel through unknown dimensions. The video is also very weird, which is a good reason to consider it as one of the best MVs of September.

1) NECRONOMIDOL – santa sangre

Not really surprising considering what they did, but NECRONOMIDOL‘s latest MV totally deserves the first place of this chart. The 80s synth pop with some hard rock hints of “Santa Sangre” combined with a video of four girls trapped in a bathroom going crazy and killing each other is priceless. Creepy and bloody as hell.

That was all for September; of course, you can find more videos in the Idol-Tube section. See you next month for another Top 10!

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