FRUN FRIN FRIENDS – キセラセラ (Que Sera Sera) / yum yum remix [live]


FRUN FRIN FRIENDS, idol duo formed by Nayuta Aku and Usakura Beni, released a live video recorded in May; a new online show will be held in a few days.

Being made by two superstars of the underground idol scene, it shouldn’t surprise how strong the hype around FRUN FRIN FRIENDS is. The duo formed by ex-Avandoned members Nayuta Aku (formerly in Kaqriyo Terror Architect as Nonamera and also in other non-idol projects) and Usakura Beni (also in APOKALIPPPS) held a live show on the 17th of May and a few days ago a video of that performance was released on their channel.

The live video shows the two songs included in their first release, namely “キセラセラ” (Que Sera Sera) and “yum yum”: the first one is a pure and soothing song, featuring cheerful, carefree sounds and melodies; the latter, on the other hand, has a more hip-hop-ish vibe and some 8-bit synths, making it slightly more bizarre, although still very catchy and pop-oriented. The colorful outfits and the eye-catching attitude on stage complete the show and make it look like a very fun experience, where the two girls as well are having a lot of fun.

NO LIVE, NO LIFE — the live show recorded in this video — will come back on the 15th of July and, together with FRUN FRIN FRIENDS, there will be other idol groups such as Jyu Jyu and Cinder Ella; if you want to watch the streaming, click here.

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