Little Emperor Syndrome – Baki Bakiにチャレエ (Baki Baki Ni Charee)

Little Emperor Syndrome

Little Emperor Syndrome’s first MV for “Baki Bakiにチャレエ” (Baki Baki Ni Charee) is yet another proof of the good potential of this newly formed idol unit.

I know that we’ve talked about them just a couple of weeks ago, but Little Emperor Syndrome just dropped their first MV… how could I ignore it? Let’s take a look at this video.

If you’ve read the Chika Radar article about them, if should already know that this unit is both standard and unpredictable. “Baki Bakiにチャレエ” (Baki Baki Ni Charee) is no different and includes both aspects of these idols: it sounds like a typical and quite enjoyable idol rock song… except for that break in the middle. Which — in less than one minute — goes from pop-EDM to gabber distorted kicks to hip-hop beats. Ok, nice.

The MV simply shows the three girls dancing mostly in a square at night, and that’s fine, since it’s the first time we get to see them in action. It works fine as an introduction for this group and it also looks decently produced.

I guess we’ll be keeping an eye on Little Emperor Syndrome, since we have been following them from the beginning. If they manage to shake off that slightly excessively amateurish feel about them — which is understandable, for such a young unit — they may turn into a very interesting idol group.

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