Necronomidol - Tupilaq

Necronomidol has finally been resurrected and brought us a new song titled “Tupilaq”, which marks a new era of the infamous ultradark idol unit.

After announcing their resurrection, our favorite ultradark idols are back with a new MV: “Tupilaq” is the first Necronomidol song with the new line-up, so Im pretty curious to see how the group is doing after being reborn from its own ashes.

Let’s start by giving a context to this title: tupilaq is the name of monsters of Inuit’s culture, created by shamans using animals and even children parts and used to kill their enemy. Kinda creepy stuff, as expected by Necroma. And, unsurprisingly, the girls perform a bloody ritual to give life to a bizarre creature which finally achieves its purpose and kills the designated victim. Also, the (intentional) amateurish quality of the video adds more creepiness, just in case you needed more of it.

The song is made of a groovy and powerful form of rock-metal hybrid backed by thick, distorted synths and enriched by the haunting voices of the four shamans; I especially enjoyed the backing vocals during the hook, which add an eve more eerie feel to the music. With a good balance of catchiness and energy embraced by an ever-present disturbing atmosphere, “Tupilaq” works perfectly as a comeback, capturing the essence of Necroma and proving that the unit is not dead yet… although I wouldn’t be surprised if it was undead.

All in all, Necronomidol are still an interesting and unique group, bringers of the darkest and haunted music in the idol scene; “Tupilaq” marks the beginning of this new era for them, and we’ll be glad to follow their next steps.

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