sora tob sakana – 信号 (Shingō)

sora tob sakana
Before disbanding in September, sora tob sakana will release one last album; “信号” (Shingō) is an appetizer for “deep blue”, which will come out next month.
Idol groups come and go, we already know that; still, it’s sad to see a group like sora tob sakana announce their disbandment after six years of activity in which they released two albums (with the third, deep blue, coming out in August) and two EPs and made some openings/endings for a couple of anime’s. Quite a lot of stuff for a non-conventional idol unit.

sora tob sakana became well-known in the scene thanks to their refined, often quiet yet complex sound involving progressive and math-rock elements, despite sounding very pop-ish. Before saying goodbye, the group broughts us a new MV for “信号” (Shingō), which will be featured in their upcoming album and sounds like a good way to remind us why we are going to miss them.

The song leans more on the quiet side of their music, featuring slow but intricate beats, atmospheric synths and vocal lines as catchy as unpredictable, in the usual osakana way. The bassline crawling in the background in the second half makes the song soothing, while the atmosphere feels a bit dark and hazy, making it a good relaxing listening, especially at night; the sampled vocals are also a nice addition.

deep blue, their last album, will be released next month, a few weeks before their disbandment in September. sora tob sakana will go out soon, but will do it with a bang: this is what “Shingō” just told us.

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