TossaGirls – กราบงามๆ (Traumatic Soul)

Thai idol group TossaGirls shows how alternative idol can exist even outside Japan; “Traumatic Soul” is a powerful and very enjoyable idol metal song.
While Japanese idols are in a world of their own, idols exist outside the land of the Rising Sun too, albeit with many differences depending on the country. What made the Japanese scene stand out in the last decade was the rise of alternative idols; but sooner or later, someone would notice that this weird formula actually works and try to transpose it on their own scene. Let’s talk a bit about TossaGirls and their latest MV.

TossaGirls are a trio from Thailand born last year. Their first MV for “ลูกอมปีศาจ” (Monster Candy) showed a group full of energy, with some pretty powerful rock music behind them. But their producers decided that they could go even beyond that, and so we got “กราบงามๆ” (Traumatic Soul): harder than rock guitar riffs, double bass, harsh vocals mixed up with catchy lines from the three girls, an astonishingly emotional chorus, an atmospheric break and a nice touch of Thai music provided by the phin. Definitely interesting, since they seem to be capable and supported by competent producers.

Apart from the phin, the music sounds like your standard modern metal idols, but still very enjoyable. We should all know that the idol trio on metal music formula works quite well and TossaGirls once again proves that this is still true.

We don’t get many chances to talk about non-Japanese groups, but I’m always glad to do it when I find something interesting. TossaGirls seem to have understood the Japanese alternative idol concept without sounding like a boring clone, so thumbs up for them.

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