XTEEN – The New Black

Friday the 13th is the perfect day to release a horror punk video; XTEEN didn’t miss the chance and published their new MV for “The New Black”.
Once upon a time, talking about horror punk meant thinking of bad looking guys wearing black stuff, zombie make-up and weird hairstyles. I don’t really know when the genre turned into some cute goth angels singing in a regal and Renaissance-inspired location, but… nope, I’m not going to complain. So here we go with XTEEN‘s latest MV.

Don’t get fooled by the noir-jazzy intro, the song soon takes out their well-known energy and it could not be otherwise, since Saki from Mary’s Blood plays the guitar here, also adding some nice solos. That said, this is the usual XTEEN at their best, with fast punk ryhthms, backing vocals and an underlying horror feeling; you’re gonna enjoying it quite a bit.

“The New Black” is taken from XTEEN‘s latest single released around last Halloween, which also features a song awesomely titled — you’d never guess it — “Thank God It’s Friday The 13th”. You can listen to “The New Black” on Spotify.

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